The Moon

One giant leap

2 responses to “The Moon

  1. Good Evening Kenny,I too have only just found this and wonder why it is that is appears to be just your blog updates I am not receiving. Setting this aside I have just listened to the six minute guitar version of the sonata. It also has some rather nice images if you care to look.Speaking of the Moon it must be almost at a particular point now as I am finding myself evermore restless and starving hungry. Any suggestions to appease my appetite?? :op


  2. Great blog! A very fine one indeed and most timely! But is Timid one supposed to be a telepathic icewolf now…..?…..not even a hint of a blog-update/alert…again! Seems to be increasingly common prob’ in Spaces just now. Only found this one by chance when I tripped over it and stubbed my wolfy claw after departing your PSP page…personalised neon-lit blog alerts required pls! In LARGE flashing letters ;))


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