Pigeons eggs.

 Rich foreign people are jumping the Que for liver transplants,
 buying N.H.S. donated organs. 
I have decided to blog about this as it appertains to my own medical condition.
In May this year I was admitted to hospital with chest pain. But this was revealed to be
muscular skeletal. However, following a blood test the doctor noticed  my liver was functioning abnormally.
Alarm bell’s begin to ring.
He arranged for an ultra sound scan and a follow up appointment, to hear the results. 
The result of the scan revealed 2 shadows (size of pigeons eggs) nestled deep within my liver.
The doctor now called for a C.T. scan, the result of which prompted a referral to
The Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle.
The doctor there decided I needed an M.R.I. scan, as she was unsure of just what the shadows are .
So, I am, at this moment waiting to hear from the Gods of medication,  with the appointment for the scan.
So there you have it, I fear I am in for a heap of  crap !
"But on the upside, it could all turn out fine "
Time alone will tell.

9 responses to “Pigeons eggs.

  1. I saw your link on Laird’s page. Kenny, the liver and the kidneys sometimes show shadows which are not real serious. I had the experience before after my serious road accident in 1995. The Doctors will tell after analysis. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  2. Hey Kenny,I am sorry to hear about that.! my thoughts are with you.tell me the results of the scan,when you know something about them.do not worry,my special English dreamer,I will pray for you.lots of love.take much care.xxx


  3. ☆° Lady Jude

    You will be in my prayers.Hugs Jewelie


  4. You will be in my Prayers! This is exactly why I am trying to educate people in the U.S. against Socialized Health Care Reform as they call it….I would just like to refer to it as National Destruction. Please keep us updated. I was referred here by Grandpa Dewey D


  5. I am pulling for the upside


  6. How long is the wait for your MRI?. I will say a special prayer for you this Sunday.An old man told you this.Take care seems like you have plenty of hugs to keep you from worrying.


  7. It will take more that pigeons eggs to get you my friend! So many arms of love around you is there room for two more?Love Suki xxxxx


  8. ‘Even from a dark night, songs of beauty can be born’…. If Timid one could take your place and send your troubles soaring to a far place I would do so in an instant. If Timid one could wrap her wolfy paws around you in your darkest moments of anxiety and concern, and set you free of them, I would. As it is I can but offer you the wolfy paw of genuine friendship and the sincere hope that all will be well, and that you will soar on wings like the eagle that flys with the ‘Great Spirit’…. Timid one :)


  9. I believe in positive thinking, and so for you I will think happy thoughts that it is nothing. What do doctors know anyway? Mmm it’s been a while, but I guess it is definitely time to drag out my spell books and work up something powerful to protect you with.Blessed be my dear friend,


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