Pigeon eggs and some.

I have received a copy of the letter sent from the Freemans Hospital in Newcastle,
to the James Cook Hospital here in Middlesbrough and my own G.P.
This letter describes me as a "pleasant" 60 year old gentleman  🙂
But as already been stated they do not know for sure just what the 2 shadows on my liver are.
So I am still waiting for a date for the M.R.I. scan.
However, at the end of the letter, it did state that, a possible biopsy may be required 😦
It also said "if" my liver function is good "and" I abstain from alcohol .
Then they would be able to offer me "effective" treatment.
I found this letter to be uplifting and I am now full of hope for
a successful outcome to this dilemma.
However I am under no illusions, I know I am in for a hard ride over the coming months 😦
Yes I am worried and concerned about the future. But on Friday
I put this cloud behind me and went fishing for a Trout supper. The weather was good
and I settled down to some quiet contemplation.
The first 3 hours proved fruitless, beginning to suspect a black net day.
 My spirits were lifted when the bite indicator moved slightly,
 a second or so later it told me the fish had taken the bait.
I struck… and was immediately aware that it was a big one. For at least 10 min
 he  dived time after time struggling trying to free himself from the size 8 hook.
By now my heart was beating like a drum and my arms began to ache,
but my concentration did not falter and I was rewarded with a super looking 5 pounder.

5 pounder

An hour or so later the bite indicator moved again,
this time it was just a tiddler compared to the one I had just caught.
So, that was Friday a very pleasant day indeed.
 Saturday I rested as Terry and I had arranged to go out in the boat on Sunday fishing for Cod.
It was another glorious day with a decent catch of both Cod and Mackerel. 

9th August  09

As we exited the river a Gannet flew over our boat.

Gannet diving

Suddenly he turned in mid air.

Gannet  diving

Like a bullet he entered  the water.

Gannet   diving

Making a big splash about it.

Gannet diving

  So all in all it has been an interesting few days for me, one way or another.
Guess what I am having for my supper tonight , without  wine   :  )
Have a splendid week all
Kenny x






7 responses to “Pigeon eggs and some.

  1. Dude!Sorry I haven’t been over for a while, I haven’t had the time to go on msn much this summer, just quick snatches here and there.That’s bad news about the shadows on your liver, but take some comfort in that they haven’t called you straight in…. there’s a guy at work here that has problems with his liver, and he has had to have a biopsy too. He said it wasn’t too bad, just a bit sore afterwards.Good luck with your tests Kenny, I have everything crossed for a bit of good news regarding the results!Fishing… blimey what a catch, that boy is a monster!and the Cod and mackerel.. fish dinner for days I should think ( shame about the wine though :-( )The pics of the gannet are brilliant.. living in the middle of the country I don’t get to see things like that very often ( never- unless we are on hols :-) ).I’m not going to mention the footy at all apart from saying I’m not going to mention it…but..no ,,footy free zone today!I hope things work out for you my friend, good luck with the tests.All the very bestwoof woof !


  2. Hi Kenny!I hope all goes well with the tests! Listen to the Doctor’s K! We want you to be around for a long long while! You are a good friend. Sorry, I haven’t been around to your space. I am happy you had a nice day fishing. Nice catch and the bird photo’s were awesome. Thanks for the nice comment on my space!Take care, XXDonna


  3. Hi pleasant gentleman great to hear you in good spirits and thinking positively, your struggle with the fish is synonymous with your struggles in life and you will win thorough because of your positive attitude! Great photos of the fish and the gannet looks as if you had a great day outTake care of yourself Suki x


  4. Hi Kenny,I am leaving today,yes, I am going to take some photos.My dog, lukas is not bad,although he is 10 and his legs are not very well .what about my sweet cherno?he is so handsome!!!!.well,my English dreamer,do me a favour,take much care,ok?lots of hugs.xxx


  5. Hello pleasent and gentlemanly one!! ;)) What encouraging news! And don’t worry about the wine….Timid one will take good care of that for you…slurp!;) That 5lbr is huge! I hope you didn’t eat ALL of it for supper…Timid one had to rough it on your doorstep all weekend waiting for her share of the catch!!…and I’m sure you couldn’t eat all those cod and mack’s on your pleasant and gentlemanly own….;)) Excell. action shots of the gannet….looks like a rocket entering the water…take care;)…and may the fish be fat and plentiful!! ;))


  6. Hey Kenny,what a great catch!!!!!!!!!!I know you are worried about your your future,but doctors are right, maybe they can offer you a good treatment .Hope so!take much care my special friend.lots of kisses and warm hugs.xxx


  7. Healing wishes and thoughts from our spaces, we hope for a speedy recovery and many more enjoyable fishing trips xxxxxx


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