Pigeon’s eggs update.

Radio frequency ablation. RFA.
RFA is performed to treat tumors in lung, liver, kidney, bone and (rarely) in other body organs. Once the diagnosis of tumor is confirmed, a needle-like RFA probe is placed inside the tumor. The radiofrequency waves passing through the probe increase the temperature within tumor tissue that results in destruction of the tumor. Generally RFA is used to treat patients with small tumors that started within the organ (primary tumors) or that spread to the organ . The suitability of a patient to receive RFA is decided by doctors based on multiple factors.
The day had arrived the 22nd of October, the day of my appointment with my consultant.
Now I don't normally metamorphose into a quivering mollusk.
But  I certainly was somewhat anxious as to what she would say.
I had imagined all possibilities, some of which were so dark I shall spare the reader  the details.
I sat in the hospital and soon my name was called and was taken to a small room where I was  weighed.
83 K   about  13 stone.  "Gulp"...  I have lost a stone in 3 month. I put that down to abstaining from drinking alcohol since the 14th of  May, and the working out I have been doing.
I now go swimming every weekday morning for an hour or so. I walk a fair distance around the park everyday and trot up and down the stairs  countless times a day.  "puff puff"  "pant pant" But swimming is my preferred way of becoming  fit'ish. there are other people in the pool and my face is now known and people are now bidding me good morning which is nice. I have also noticed a lady in a pretty pink swimsuit that smiles a great deal as we swim passed each other. Wink say no more  !!!
If this is to be a fight to the death, then I think it only sensible to give my body at least a fighting chance.  By increasing my fitness level.
My appetite is ravenous and all else seems to be functioning  normally. My consultant was most pleased that I had decided to take the road back to fitness, well at least something resembling fitness.
She also mentioned that it was good that they had discovered the tumors  early. Little did she know just "how" pleased I was they found them early.
Then she showed me the 3d image of my liver.
The first thing that stuck me was just how small they seemed to be compared with when I first saw them  in my local hospital  some months earlier.
Then, they appeared to me to be about the same size as pigeon's eggs. But now, they seemed half that size. How could this be i thought ?
One of the tumors was half black, the result of the embolization. My consultant also pointed out the gall bladder that was nestled so close to the now half cooked tumor.
The doctors had decided that the gallbladder should be removed and the two tumors to be be
microwaved  using  RFA.  This is a different techniques from embolization, I guess the doctors did not like the way i responded to the chemo and so have decided to use RFA. I just wonder how my body is going to react this time.
So at least I know now what the doctors intend to do to me and just how they are going to do it.
The doctors do halcyon work at the Freemans hospital and I can imagine there must times when they look
into the eyes of someone who's life they have just saved and experience a wonderful feeling of achievement and satisfaction.
 I just hope I can provide one of those moments for them in the future.
Before this procedure is to be carried out, I must first take the assessment , so I am now waiting for the date for the RFA.  could be before or even after x/mas.
The reason why the tumors looked smaller, is that when I first saw them I was looking at an enlarged image. I had mistaken the the image for the original.  Simples !!!
So I think it safe to say that all looks positive, Ok I could have done without all this bother. But that's life I guess.  The only negativity to arise out of this is.
I shall be a lucky man to make my 2 score years and 10.
Who wants to live forever anyway. !!!!!!!!!!
This shall be my last update on my condition for a month or so.
Hopefully I shall be publishing one or two blogs regarding other things.
There are a lot more things happening in the world than just my pigeon eggs.   
Perhaps I should now call them Thrush eggs.
Hopefully one day the nest shall be empty.
Have a safe and pleasent week and remember:
You can lead a horse to water but you have to force rhubarb.
" big groan"
We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone.
Only through our  friendship and love can we create
the illusion for the moment, that we're not alone.

12 responses to “Pigeon’s eggs update.

  1. Coffee With Kate

    No, not beat up Kenny, your mind and your attitude is far too strong for that. Enjoy the day; according to the Lairds blog, you have some sunshine to enjoy.Warm hugsKate. xxx


  2. Please to read you’re doing well, stay strong… you sound healthier than us! :-) with all the swimming walking… anymore fish? B-) Mei


  3. Kenny, I am a sensitive person and this blog made me cry but I am happy you are sharing your journey with us. I believe in positive thinking and I am so happy you are keeping fit, awesome! I think you could live to be a really old man. Take care, XXOODonna


  4. Hi KennnyYou are doing so well! And you have so many positives, think how fit you are becoming and you are giving yourself every chance to beat this, the swimming obviously helps fitness wise but what about all those endorphins induced by the pink swimming lady. all in all you are doing great! Big hugs Suki x


  5. Kenny, sweets! Oh gosh, I’ve been gone so long that I had no idea what was going on with you. I just read back to the beginning of July to the present to catch up and I have to say, at this moment I’m feeling shock. But I also know the kind of attitude you have and that you are a strong, strong man (even if you’re not a cat lover, lol), and so I’m banking on that strength to be the warrior of all times. Loved your note to Natalia: "Handsome is as handsome does" LOLLL, not a drop of humility on your part. (I agree with your sentiment, I’m just not lettin’ you know so quickly.) I sure have missed being around and keeping up with you, but that is now changing. I haven’t nearly completed my move yet, but I’m not quite so rushed now, either, so that gives me time (finally) to blog walk and catch up with all my favorite folks —yeah, yeah, you’re in that group. Oh, last but not least, one of these days I’m going to find a copy of this old, old joke that has to do with "2 dogs" and send it to you. It’s so darn nasty I could never post it, but it’s a great one.Catch you soon, my friend and know I’m thinking of you and sending good vibes. XOXOXO


  6. Good Morning Kenny, I just quickly read over your Blog again and "I shall be a lucky to make my 2 score years in ten" oops typo methinks unless of course you’ve been hiding your real age from me. ;o) Hope you’ve had a reasonably comfortable day. I’m away to my bed now. Sleep Well. xx


  7. Natalia.Handsome is as handsome does !Sarah.Thank you for your advice, it has been heeded.Timid one.You know for sure, Cherno would not flirt with any other than your sweet furry self.Laird.If I wished to visit France, I would fly :) Trying to look on the bright side constantly, but the clouds pass by sometimes. !!!Kate.Positive and upbeat, yep thats me Kate. Or should that read "beat up"


  8. Coffee With Kate

    Positive and upbeat……keep swimming and enjoy your life.Warm hugsKate


  9. Pleased to hear the positive tone of your comments – you will be swimming the Channel soon! "Always look on the bright side of life" !


  10. Yo Kenny! Sounding good! Plenty of positives … And a tantalizing enhancement to your fitness regime! RFA…I’ve read about that…a good and effective treatment by all accounts. So! In the meantime, whilst you and the "pink swimsuit" are smiling at each other across the swimming pool 😉 I do hope Cherno isn’t getting ideas and making eyes at anybody but Timid one!! Lol! ;))


  11. Whilst not in any way neglecting the condition it is best not to dwell on it but to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you’re doing around it. All fingers crossed that this new treatment option will be successful for you. Next time the ‘Pink swimsuit’ smiles – say hello.Have a good week, you have been in our thoughts xx


  12. Kenny, I particularly like the last sentiment about illusions. Love and friendship are not an illusion nor are the people that you share it with. Amen to that say I. It pleases me to read that you are seemingly enjoying your new regime and fitness. The new social element must be gratifying too! I am curious to know how it feels to be so be svelte and slimline, I bet you look very handsome. In fact very Handsome indeed! Look forward to reading some more of your topical blogs. x


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