Never forget  !!!



It is a hole or green river sings Hanging Herb wildly rags Money,

 or the sun, mountain proud Luit c ‘is a small valley that foam rays.

A young soldier, mouth open, head bare And the nape bathing in the cool blue cress,

Sleeps: it is lying in the grass beneath the clouds, Pale green in his bed or light rain.

 Feet in the gladioli, he sleeps. Smiling as Smiled a sick child, he had a nap.

Nature, rock him warmly: he is cold! Fragrances do not shiver his nostril;

 He sleeps in the sun, hand on chest, Tranquil. It has two red holes on the right side.

Arthur Rimbaud 1854 – 1891

Question  :   Should British forces be withdrawn from Afghanistan ?

" Before answering this question please bare in mind that.

Bin Laden and his band of not so merry men,

Are still lurking among the dark shadows of the high pastures.

Just waiting for the right moment to present itself

before grabbing Pakistan’s arsenal " !!!






5 responses to “NEVER FORGET

  1. Hi Kenny! It’s a hard one! I cry evey time I hear of another brave young man loosing his life, and yet as you say the threat is there and if we leave it will just gather strength and continue to threaten the rest of the world… for what??? What do they want?? I really don’t know what this war is all about, and it sickens my heart!Suki x


  2. Hello Kenny, Thanks for the visit and I hope you are feeling chipper today. As for the wars….I AM SO TIRED OF ALL THE WARS!


  3. Evina.the dream is never ending are quite correct regarding Iran. But, I feel a greater threat comes from the fact that, it is possible to acquire "weapons grade plutonium" from under the counter. Many kilos have gone missing since the end of the cold war. "where is it now" ?


  4. Shimona from the Palace

    And as if the danger of bin Laden grabbing Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal weren’t bad enough, let’s not forget Ahmedinajad’s mad race to create his own nuclear arsenal for Iran. Danger is lurking all around – because the Islamofascists all around the world are fanatic enough to press the red button…


  5. Hi my sweet Kenny,yes this is a very real threat,I think the human being is becoming worse and worse and it is really frightening.H ave a nice weekend and take care.keep on dreaming in pink.hahahaha.lots of


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