Memory and concentration test.


Going back to the "memory and concentration"  test.

This is one of the tests that I had to perform.  why don’t you try it !!!

Take a piece of A4 and in "random" order write the numbers from 1 to 10.

Then write the first 10 letters of the alphabet in "random" order.

Like this.


Now draw an "unbroken" line between the number 1 and the letter A

Then to the number  2 to the letter B. 

Then to the number 3 to the letter c.  and so on !

Time yourself and see if you can beat  19 seconds.

Remember :  the line must be "unbroken"

If you are wondering just what on Earth memory has to do with liver disease.

It is because liver disease effects the memory.

Don’t forget that  🙂


Have a great  week all,  mine shall surely be better than last week. 


9 responses to “Memory and concentration test.

  1. This test could prove very interesting…the one remaining memory cell eloped with the only remaining brain cell…can’t remember when 😉 so this exercise could take a little longer than 19 secs!… Keep up the good fight! I know you can beat this thing, not only because you have to, but because you are a brave and strong man with a great spirit. :))Timid one 😉


  2. Of course I remember you!!!! Who can forget those pictures you can come up to!!!!!!Yeah it’s been a while. I was kind of on holiday.Some weird stuff happening here has put me in the mood for a hiatus, and there was also work.Anyhow, I will be hanging here for a while so you post nice things ok. Only good news.:O)Take care,Isa


  3. Isabelle.So you remembered me, you must have a good memory. It has been so long since I heard from you. such a nice surprise.Evina.Thank you for the kisses, just what I need this morning ) Lola.I don’t mind you asking what is wrong with my liver. the 2 pigeons eggs are cancerous tumors.btw. your comment was not boring :)Lisa.yes I remember many moons ago also. something about the colour of peacocks eggs. the lady in pink….had not considered her as a carer. But now you mention it :)


  4. The prognosis sounds good and I am sure the skill of the medical staff will bring about a successful outcome. The recuperation will take time but the "system" will be there to assist – if not you got the lady in pink’s mobile No. ? As for the test I thought my poor memory was down to alzimer’s and eating too much beef and not enough fish over the years !!!!!!!!


  5. I have to tell you that this reminds me of one of my first visits to your space many moons ago and your had a test. I was so sure I had done the math and done it right and was so proud because it wasnt easy until you came by and said the real answer was on your space. Just had to tell you that one and laugh again. Keep on going Kenny.Your in My Prayers for the Liver Transplant and all goes well. Have a great week.Lisa xo


  6. Hi Kenny,Well how are we doing hope all is well my Friend wow that some test but I think I do very well on it how did you do my husband has Hep. C but is now on a treatment the treatment is for 48 weeks treatment but it’s a pretty heavy treatment.Just about a month ago they had to decrease the dose in the needle he takes because it was killing his white cells not a good thing.He also takes pills 3 in the morn. and 2 at nite and the side affects that come with it is just crazy but thank god so far so good he has 6 months done so by the time the summer rolls back around he will be all done huray,huray,huray.What is wrong with your liver if you don’t mind me asking I knew you had something going on in there but I’m just not sure what anyway what ever it is I hope the can fix it the weather here is cloudy looks like more rain but hey better then snow.Another winter they seem to get longer each year or it’s because I’m getting older and it just seems that way.What’s happening with the weather up your way can you believe we have this Swine Flu now wow what’s next I’m not able to get mind till sometime in December my granddaughter had it poor kid she was so sick and she’s only 12 years old talk about feeling helpless because there’s really not much you can do.OK Well I won’t keep you any longer reading my boring email never was 1 for writing I love to write just not that good at it but I so enjoy writing it’s a nice quiet place to be and sometimes it’s nice just to be writing don’t really think of anything else except the letter I’m writing for me it gives my mind a break if you understand what I mean.Well that’s the lesson for the day LOL: So you take care my friend stay Healthy and Keep Safe let me know how you are when you get a chance to write me wishing you and your’s a Wonderful Sunday. Sincerely Lola. xo


  7. Hi my dear Kenny,I will try the test.. hope your week is awesome.lots of love my sweet


  8. Thanks for the test!I sure hope you have a better week!!Hugs,Isa


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