Pigeons eggs update !

Arrived home on Friday night after spending 5 days and 4 nights in the Freemans Hospital.
This was to be assessed for a Liver transplantation.
For 5 days I was either being pushed in a wheel chair from one test to another
 ( don't know why they would not let me walk)
or flat out on my bed "waiting" to be pushed somewhere.
To say it was boring is an understatement, having my blood pressure taken by an angel faced nurse
was the highlight of my days.
Hear you find most of the tests I had performed.
  • COUNTLESS BLOOD TESTS.  to study how my liver is functioning ,
  • E.C.G.  a test to record the electrical activity of the heart  to determine any abnormality .
  • ECHOCARDIOGRAM.  this procedure uses sound waves to asses my heart function.
  • LUNG FUNCTION TEST.  to measure my lung size, elasticity and transfer of oxygen.
  • BONE DENSITOMETRY.  an x-ray to assess the strength of my bones.
  • MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION TEST.   I was told that both were good  :)
  • FITNESS TEST.  involved sitting on a static bicycle and peddling like mad. 

There were more tests but I can not recall them all, as half the time i was half asleep during them.


So you see much data has been collected. But there is more !!!

After talking to the assessment coordinator, I am now beginning to understand

 the far reaching implications attached to receiving a transplantation.

One just does NOT walk in off the street, be gifted a life extension.

Then sent on one's way with a good luck shake of the hand.

NO, NO NO.  This life saving procedure is not given lightly

and the recipient just left to their own devices. No,

the doctors need to know the nut's and bolts of my very existence.

In short, a detailed investigation into my passed, my present and my future.

The coordinator also told me that they may need to visit me on my home ground.

Lone males such as myself do have a tendency to , let us say, neglect themselves !

They may require closer scrutiny.  perhaps !!!


I have no problem with this depth of investigation. I live cleanly and am well organized.

The only negative thing is the amount of after care I shall require

and where it is going to come from.  Mmmmm that is something of a conundrum.

The only family I talk to, live on the other side of the North Sea in Sweden.

Shall just have to burn that bridge before I get to it.


So, all the tests coupled with the data collected about my personal life

paints a picture of myself to help the doctors decide on just what is my best option.

  • Removal of my gall bladder and destruction of the pigeons eggs.
  • A section.
  • Or transplantation


 I told the coordinator that I was willing to leave all decisions to the doctors.

She nodded her approval.

BTW.  the anaesthetist  considered me to be  "LOW-RISK" 

These two words were most comforting.

So I am now waiting to hear the results of the assessment

and learn just what the gods of medication have in store for me.

Time shall reveal all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



9 responses to “Pigeons eggs update !

  1. Just the odd test or two then Kenny ?! lol ;)) Onward into battle…the victory is yours! Regarding after care you could enlist your spaces friends ;)…could get a little overcrowded, you seem to have plenty of them out there 😉 but just think…one to massage your feet…one to mop your brow in stressful moments while you lay back in your manly glory! Laird on hand for deep and meaningful conversations…a team of cooks…a team of house keepers… Ah…yes…lol…and the ‘pink swimsuit!’ Timid one ;))


  2. Kenny, as usual I will wait patiently for further news, post assesment. Like everyone else here, I am hoping with all my heart that you win this battle. As you say you are at this moment just etering into the affray with your sheild held high. If our love for you could add extra protection you undoubtedly have it. As for washing dishes, get a dishwasher? Anything else ring for the maid sir! ;o) xxx


  3. Isabelle.I bathe in the healing waters of my own positivity. every day.


  4. I must say that just reading the list of test leaves me speechless.The nice thing about that blog is that is does not sound negative,…. you don’t sound negative and I guess that is the bath to healing faster. I think you are a tough guy!! You have no alternative but to make it.Hey why not include laughter in your daily routine like funny films. I heard that laughter helps a lot in cleansing the body fro harm.I wish I could do more….Sending good vibes.Take care,Isa


  5. Sarah.Thank you for your words of advice, as always they are very welcome. Say hello from me to the old commander.Evina.The fight has yet to begin, I am at the moment just walking towards the battle ground with my shield held high.Susie.If I make it to 80, then you can bake the cake.Lisa.Why don’t you come to Middlesbrough and wash the pots for me :)Thank you for the kind words and the verse very nice my friend !! peace always xx


  6. You really have been thought it all . Having them come to your house is goodthing,. Get the dishes done Kenny.Keep on going. Your going to make it just fine. Your a fighter if I ever knew one.Deep Peace to youand than you for the BD Wishes my Friend across the Pond.xoA friend is somebodyWho knows you and likes you Exactly the way that you are.Someone who’s specialAnd so close in thoughtThat no distance can ever seem far.A friend understands you Without any words, Stands by youWhen nothing goes right.And willingly talksOver problems with you Till they somehowJust vanish from sight.And whether you’re neighbors Or live miles apart, A word from a friend gives a lift To your heart and spirit.That shows you once moreWhy friendship is life’s dearest gift!- Author Unknown


  7. I think you should be thinkin what you wanna do for your 80th birthday..!!!!!!!cus you know ,….deep down,,,dont ya,,,,that your gonna get there…….hugs xxxxx


  8. Hey Kenny,keep fighting ,you are doing well .LOW-RISK,sounds great.. my thoughts are with you. lots of hugs and kisses.xxx


  9. The fact that you are low risk should demonstrate that you do take care of yourself. There must be someone who will help for the initial post operative period. Somewhere in the vicinity must be a voluntary support unit something like Kiama in Ayr or the Wallace unit here, that would be a good place to start. I also recall that my elderly aunt had an operation, a good few years back now but she had support from a company which her husband had worked for who had a benevolent trust to assist with just such a situation…an answer will come if you look hard enough…it always does xxx


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