Under the knife.

The day dawned cold but bright. The very instant I awakened
I felt  that today was destined to be different.
I abandoned my bed for the sofa and a cup of coffee. Soon I began to feel
anxious, irritable and  sensitive.  I didn't know  why.
The morning unfolded without incident, then the hospital rang !
This is an abridged version of the conversation.
Mr. Hutchinson !  ( yes that's the fellow i said ) OK, get your backside back up here for Monday  .
We are going to whip out your Gall Bladder and give those tumors a right good spanking.
"What"   "WOW"...  BRILLIANT SAYS I.
This was quite a surprise as I was not expecting to be under the knife
 until around x/mas time or even later.
 But it is good, as that may mean i shall be well recovered from the procedure by x/mas.
hope so.
Coincidentally it is my x wife's birthday today "and"  "Lancashire day"   (Check out the music. It's hilarious) 
So, to all you Lancastrians out there.
Manchester united shall not win the Premier League this year. Or next !
Ok, I have much to arrange before my all expenses paid visit to Newcastle.
so take care all and have a pleasent week end.
Now where did I put my Jazzy Jim-Jams
I will be back !!!

10 responses to “Under the knife.

  1. Hi Kenny hope all is going well can’t wait to see you up ad blogging agianSuki xxxxx


  2. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Kenny,I hope all is well with you and the operation and ‘spanking’ of the tumours is perfect in its outcome.warm hugs to youKate xxx


  3. just a few days and your life will change for the better….hugs xxx susie


  4. Nice to get it over with I suppose ? All my best wishes …………………….love Dusty x


  5. Yeah kick the a** es of those tumors. Go for it Kenny!!!Whooooohoooo…. I aam allllll with you!!Sending you some positive vibes!!!!Hugs,Isa


  6. Good Morning Kenny, Speaking of Hotpots, It reminds me of something I wrote a few months back. ;o) Anyway I digress for the issue at hand. Life is full of suprises and I hope this one has the desired outcome, Fried Pigeon eggs. It will be an extremely positive start for the forthcoming new year for you. In the week ahead I will be thinking of you. Lots of love. xxP.s Thank goodness for Lairds sense of humour eh?


  7. Glad to hear the news that its moving right along Kenny.. and your spirts are up as always.Thinking about and will keep you in my Prayers.


  8. Great news that they’re moving so fast….Go thrash those tumours Kenny ;)) Wishing the very best for you and a speedy return…complete with ‘Jazzy Jim-Jams’!! Big icewolfie hug…and take care…Timid one :)) x


  9. My thoughts and good wishes are with you – stay positive !


  10. Whew! Well done you! All healing thoughts and wishes from Commander and I we look forward to your return xxx


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