LoVe !!!


~~~~~~~  PEACE SHALL COME  ~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~  I LOVE YOU, TO THE STAR’S AND BACK.  ~~~~~~~

Have a great  week all.



10 responses to “LoVe !!!

  1. I bet you would love homemade bread and cinnamon buns. :)Get well.


  2. I too am checking on you Kenny. Your in my thoughts. Hope your doing well .Deep Peace to you.I love the Image you have here . Stunning. . Just stunnig.Gods Speed My FriendLisa xo


  3. Just checking on you?I agree with Suki!! I bet you must be charming all those nurses huh???Want to order a pizza??Take care,Isa


  4. I bet you have got those nurses running around after you, the food is poor so you dont get to comfortable and want to stay wishing you well Love Suki x


  5. Kenny!You are a survivor! You have everything it takes to fight this battle and win! You have a strong inner core and the willingness to do everything you need to do, in order to come out even stronger.You are a great friend, one of my best friends on spaces, seriously. You are a champion! When you get better maybe you can come to Canada to visit.Take care, Love and Peace Donna


  6. Kenny Kenny Kenny, great to see your words grace my place, I thought you didn’t want me anymore! You are amazing, and apparently going through a great deal right now–I hope you’ll accept a blessing from me, and a warm hug for an old friend. Thrive, buddy.


  7. That’s one amazing piece of artwork Kenny. Stunning and very beautiful. "Another week of hospital food" is a good thing! It will guarantee you make a super-speedy recovery in order to escape it at the earliest possible opportunity ;)) Timid one :) x


  8. I used to walk Commander to the visitor’s restuarant, not only was it nicer it was healthier too!Hang in there Kenny at least you will be fed while you are in and I am sure all will be well xx


  9. Kenny, a breath taking portrait for your daughter. May the love you feel for her sustain you in the days that follow. xx


  10. You know why food at the hospital is not good?It is made so that no one gets comfy there and wants to prolong his/her stay there.So the only way to get good food is to get better and leave the place.Got the message? :O)Hugs,Isa.P.S We love you to!!!


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