New Year wishes !

 Best wishes for 2010



 May I take this opportunity to wish all the people who have visited

 and left their precious comments,

a wonderfull and prosperous "NEW YEAR"

May lady luck smile upon you all.


This photo was taken the last time I visited Sweden, plus a little tinkering

with Adobe   🙂

I wonder what the cat is thinking ?


11 responses to “New Year wishes !

  1. Hello Kenny me old son, Happy New Year to you !I just wondered how things were, and if you had any good news?Take care my friend and all the best matey,Good luck, I still have my fingers crossed for you.Nick


  2. Happy 2010 to you Kenny! Hope you are blessed and regain your health very soon. I have added you to my blessings and think of you every day with the hopes of a swift recovery for you my friend. Take care of yourself and good luck with the quitting smoke. Peace and love, Vee xx


  3. Coffee With Kate

    Good Morning Kenny,Thank you for your special message. Know that it is very appreciated.warm hugs from Cape Town.


  4. Hhhhhoooooowwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllllllll…hey you Kenny, were is my dinner ? I am bloody starving. I don’t care that it is NEW YEAR’S EVE… i WANT SOME "FOOD" and water come to think of it. !!!


  5. Kenny you have taken my heart with this photo . She is a Beuaty. . !!!Happy New Year my Friend.Wishing you so much Health , Happiness and all the you deserve.Much Love . Lisa My New Years Wish for youI wish you Health…!!!!!So you may enjoy each day in comfort.I wish you the Love of friends and family…And Peace within your heart.I wish you the Beauty of nature…That you may enjoy the work of God.I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities…For those things that really matter in life.I wish you Generousity so you may share…All good things that come to you.I wish you Happiness and Joy…And Blessings for the New Year.I wish you the best of everything…That you so well deserve.HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!unknown… I found this . Had to share it. :)Deep Peace my Friend


  6. HooOOOooooWWWwwwwLLLL! Love the photo’Cat’ is beautiful and is probably thinking “How can such a tiny morsel of potential dinner have the cheek to eyeball in such a fashion ‘I’! The one who might well wish to eat it!” ;)Wishing you every happiness in the New Year too…one that sees you restored to full health and that brings calm and peace to your world…and big ice wolfie hugs from Timid one!! xx


  7. By the way both are too cute!


  8. Ok did the photo shop include adding the bee to the picture with the cat?Without the bee the cat is asking himself existential questions like………. hell what time is it? I am starving!With the bee in the picture the cat is thinking….. " I wonder what taste that thing has"And in addition I bet the bee must be thinking…" Soooopid cat….. want a piece of my dart?"A happy New Year to you too! Sending you lots of good vibes and thoughts!!And thank you for your friendship.Hugs,Isa


  9. Hiya Kenny,, aaar sweet cat….and shes thinkin…go on dare you to come closer !!!!…………….hope your feelin ok…. talk soon luv susiee xxx…………………Have a Wonderfull New Years Eve……xxx….cya next Year …


  10. Wonderful shot kenny even if it has been PSd it is the end result that counts, the cat is beautiful ,y daughter who is mad about cats says dogs have owners cats have staff! This I think is very true.Hope you see the New Year in in style. Peace health and happiness to to in 2010Suki xPS sorry I missed you on line the other day will catch you later xxx


  11. Hey my dear Kenny,what a beautiful are you feeling?best wishes for 2010 to you, my English dreamer.hope all your dreams will come true.lots of love.xxxby the way,I believe the cat is thinking about eating a great meal,hahaha.


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