Warm water please.

Two German Shepherd dogs in the snow.



There are times when it’s important for you to do special things for your dog. Dogs require very special care in cold weather. The air is cold, it’s windy, water freezes, and salt is on the sidewalks to melt the snow. The air can get very dry and cause static electricity. This can make your dog’s hair stand up and maybe give you a tiny shock.

Border Collie in the snow.


Dog laying in snow.

If your double-coated dog will be living outside during the winter, start putting him outside early in the fall. This will give him time to develop the thick undercoat he needs for warmth.

Outside dogs use more calories to keep warm in winter, so you give your dog additional food.


Your dog’s coat is good protection against the cold weather. Don’t ever shave your dog during the winter months. Keep it thick and long. And if you bathe him, it’s best to dry him completely before going outside.


In cold, snowy weather make sure that if your dog is outside, he has shelter to protect him from cold wind. Giving him a bed inside the shelter will help him stay warmer because he will be off of the cold ground.

Fresh straw (not hay) can make a nice bed in the doghouse. It’s comfortable and helps keep your dog warm. Many people who live in cold areas use this inside their dog houses.

Young puppies should not be left outside when it’s very cold. They can’t make themselves warm like older dogs can. Keep your puppy safe and cozy inside a heated building.

Siberian Husky dog on top of doghouse on a winter day.


No Ice, Please

If you leave water outside for your dog, make sure that it does not become frozen. Your dog needs regular, cool water to drink, not ice.

If you are not able to change your dog’s water, you might want to buy a special heated dog dish. You can check these out at your favorite pet store.


Pomeranian with sweater on.

Some dogs are small. Some don’t have hair. And some dogs don’t have thick coats. All these dogs will get cold faster than dogs with thick, double coats. If your dog gets cold easily, you might buy a sweater and some booties for him. Check them out at your favorite pet store! Note: Dogs were not meant to wear clothes all the time, even though clothing is popular right now. Have a natural dog! Only wear clothes on special occasions or when it’s cold.


Not All Snowballs are Fun!

After your dog has been playing in the snow, check his feet. There may be snowballs stuck between his toes. If the hair on your dog’s feet is long, the snowballs will stick to it.

Snow can also build up on a dog’s ears, tail, and belly. It forms little balls of very hard, icy snow and they can stick to the hair on your dog. They can be very cold and painful.

Black cocker spaniel with snow frozen to his ears.
This dog has snowballs on his ears.

Front paws, all trimmed up.
These paws can play in the snow.

To prevent paw snowballs, have your parents trim the hair on your dog’s feet and between the toes. Or your dog can wear dog booties!

All snowballs can be removed by using a warm washcloth to melt the snow. Also, bringing your dog into the house will melt the icy snow.


Dogs get lots of smells from the ground. When snow covers the ground, it’s much more difficult for dogs to get the usual smells that give them information about the world. In the winter make sure your dog always wears a leash and his name tags because if he were to get lost, it might be harder for him to find his way home using the usual smells for clues.


Two Precautions

1. If your dog walks on salty sidewalks or streets, be sure to rinse the salt off the bottom of his feet when you get home.

2. Ask your parents to make sure that liquids like car anti-freeze are put away in cupboards or high up on shelves where young children and dogs can’t accidentally drink them. They’re very poisonous.

Two mixed breed dogs in the snow.


Warming his nose, Bailey keeps warm.

To keep themselves warm in the winter, dogs sometimes curl up with their tail covering their nose. Having a dog bed in your house will give your dog a cozy place to curl up off of the cold floor.


Where Do I Go?

Many people wonder where dogs, especially little ones, can go to the bathroom when there is deep snow. One thing you can do is to shovel the snow in an area that is big enough for your dog to do his business.

If it’s impossible for you to do this, put some newspaper down in your house by the door and hopefully your dog will use that until he can get back outside.

Pug in the snow.


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  1. Hi Kenny, The ton.?? me?? not a chance.. and to be honest I dont know if I would want to get that old.. having spent a lot of time in an old peoples ward ( with my mum I might add) .My mum is nearly 80..she definitely wont see 100, she might not even see the end of this year out.She doesn’t seem overly poorly, she hasn’t got to cope with anything like your problem, more like a state of mind…. she’s just got old almost overnight.Our friend is having hurried scans, and rushed hospital appointments even as I write, which worries me.He is only in his early 40’s with a lovely wife and young 11 year old son, who is finding it hard to come to terms with.. to be honest it doesn’t look to good for him.Happily the mrs is feeling much better thanks for asking, which is really the only bit of goods news so far….that is until the 28th when hopefully you will have some good news for us.Weatherwise, the council have done a fine job gritting the main roads, enabling most folks to get to work etc, but the side roads are a joke.. no grit, no ploughs, no diddly squat….and now they are saying that the salt is running out and they are going to select which roads to grit…..er, that’s what they’ve already being doing.Re. footy, I see Mr. Strachan is in the process of buying the entrie Celtic 1st team… could be interesting, but personally I wouldn’t have got rid of Mr. Southgate.As for Villa.. hmm maybe a trip to wembley is in the offing, but I’m not counting my chickens yet.. oh ok, maybe just one or two, but certainly not taking things for granted. Blackburn are crap at the moment, but this is a chance to win a cup….Good luck for the 28th Kenny, I shall be thinking about you with fingers and everything else crossed for some good news dude!Thanks for taking the time to comment on my entry, and also for your kind and encouraging words, when I know your world must be upside down itself right now.Take care my friend,and good luck!All the very best Nickps . Love the Cherno the Fearless site :-)


  2. Isa.I am feeling ok and thank you for asking. A happy new year to you also.Nat.My loyal servant must do what he is told, just like women !!!Cuca.Lot’s of love to you and Lukas.Timid one.You talk about your dogs in the past tense. why ?Sarah.I am with you, re: claws under the cover. Timid one.snowballs at dawn mmmmm…. you best be good. I am the undisputed champion of my local snowball club.


  3. I do like those "paws that can play in the snow!" They look like mine…lol 😉 Could do with some of those booties tho…these paws get very cold collecting all those snowballs I was stock-piling to throw at you!! ;)) Timid one! x


  4. Sam is tucked up safely in our bed at night, mind you he’s a cat, not sure if I’d want unvelveted claws under the covers!


  5. My dogs were kennel dogs; they lived outside all the year round. They were fit, happy and healthy dogs, for whom winter wasn’t a problem as they grew in thick protective coats – as nature intended. They were fed a hi-quality diet specifically designed for their higher energy needs and outdoor lifestyle and shared a purpose built kennel and run, so kept each other warm. Regular smashing of ice out of water bowls is however a vital necessity! My dogs never went short of time, attention and all the love I could give them, and they thrived on the outdoor life. Excellent informative blog. Very interesting and very enjoyable:) Timid one x


  6. Hi Kenny,great entry,you know I love animals so much,everyone who lives with an animal has to take care and feed it.Lukas always sleeps inside and he is already 11 so I am taking much care about him.Hope you are feeling better.lots of love to you and your handsome cherno.xxx


  7. If master does not have to endure sub zero tempretures, why should his loyal servant? I for one would not enjoy being left out in the cold. Perhaps I am overly sentimental towards animals, but that is the nature of this wee beast. Be Warm, Be Happy Kenny. :o)


  8. That was one instructive blog!!!Thanks for sharing!Hope you feeling better and by the way Happy New Year!!A huge hug to you!Isa


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