One man and his wolf





Before the dawn of modern man a wolf like creature roamed the Earth.

 Where early man existed these animals would have been attracted by the smells, sound,s

 and the opportunity of something to scavenge.

 Much like the Fox today is attracted to human garbage in the villages and towns.

In time, these two species bonded and created a more powerfull and formidable hunting force.

 A partnership that benefited both Wolf/Dog and early Man. Together they were successful and thrived.

  This bond that had been forged millions of years past, remains with us to this day. 

 Looking back down the evolutionary path of our present day dog’s, I can see no further than the Wolf.

So it is quite logical that some people feel an affinity with the wolf when they look into their dogs eyes.

The Wolf epitomises the very essence of wildness, so it is easy to understand

just why the Wolf became Demonised by some.

 Wolves must have entered villages at night to steal away the occasional chicken,

 piglet or even a young child. 

 Because of this the Wolf has been persecuted to the point of extinction throughout many lands. 

  Down through the annuls of myths and legends, the Wolf has been well documented.

Demonised by some, held in exultation by others.

The native Americans called the Wolf " Big mouth" 

 and legend say’s they sent spirit messages to the world beyond.

 There are also many legends of Wolves portrayed as noble creatures who can teach us many things.

 But the werewolves have made the Wolf a symbol of evil.

" The line between the sacred and the profane, is very thin." 

There exists a great deal of mysticism and spirituality associated with the Wolf, however,

 I personally do not subscribe to any wild romancing about the spiritual energy of this magnificent animal.

 All I know is that, "there is something of the Wolf about me"








10 responses to “One man and his wolf

  1. Intersting to read what you have written on the Wolf. I have heard them once and seen tracks . Enough to know how scared I am of that animal . He is big and he is loud . I imagine aggressive also.Nice to see you here with you dog Kenny. Stay warm and well . Hope all your snow is gone for now or maybe the Season. I heard you had a lot. The snow for me is far from over . A few months still I think. Have a great week ahead.Lisa


  2. LOL!!


  3. Cherno is such a beautiful dog!! Interesting blog too!I noticed you left comments on my photo album and thankyou for making me smile!! Trish is trouble, LOL!Hope things are going better with your health. Any news lately? Thankyou for being a good friend.Donna XX


  4. HooOOWWWwwwLoooo He who runs faster than the wind! Greetings from the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack strolling respectfully into the presence of the great Alpha Male ;)) Better late than never, so put those teeth away…! Re "evolutionary paths of pres. day dogs"… In 1993 the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) was reclassified as a domestic variant of the Grey /Timber Wolf (Canis lupus), which I would say confirms your thoughts. The wolf is an earth creature a symbol of inner strength and confidence, reflecting well one such as yourself. May wolf ever walk beside you, and grant you rest in his shadow. May his paws ever guide your path, and your howls be heard by all!…Timid one :))


  5. Kenny,The Silverback is the Alpha male of the pack, he makes no complaint about a bad back and goes about his business as usual. Be Happy and at peace in yours. xx


  6. Isa.So, you would like to see my teeth would you. OK, I shall send "CHERNO" to visit you. :)Darrin.All Wolves are welcome here, just don’t forget who is the Alpha Male :)Fine words you wrote !Nat.Don;t know about the "silver back", more like bad back.Sarah.Peculiar it is, that we are all the same but different. You choose Sam because your instinct told you he was the one. Yet, someone else may not have give him a second glance. It is like when we choose a partner for life. we just know. ( sorry about the pale analogy )


  7. One man and his wolf, I can appreciate what yu say here but for me it’s my cat.Many mooons ago I rescued a horse from a knackers yard, he was a nutcase and according to most people very hard to handle. I did not rescue him for any great bleeding heart reason nor have any particular skill with horses to be honest I am still not entirely sure I even like them as a whole BUT I had a powerful connection with that particular animal and he with me. It’s the same with Sam I looked at a lot of cats but the moment I saw him I knew it was right.


  8. Fascinating Kenny. Well done on a succinct delivery of the symbiotic evolution between Homo Sapien and the Vulpine. (Don’t quote me on the last one, as the Latin word Lupine is also worming atound in my cerebral cortex) I too agree with your comment about Romaticism. I also feel compelled to concur with your last statement. ;o)However, there is also an element of the silverback within you also is there not? Peace and Love Kenny. x


  9. HEY I ENJOYED THIS WRITE OF YOURS~ HERE’S ONE OF MINE….THANKS FOR SHARING ~ WOLF MOON RISING~There’s a new moon rising this monthNot the Blue Moon of New Years Eve 2010Not Februarys Storm Moon eitherNo way near the Blood Moon of OctoberWolf Moon rising for January 2010Big and full in the cold skiesJust beyond the snowy tree lineThe January Wolf Moon what a sight to beholdIt has the fields twisting and turningThe creatures of the earth doing their part tooTilling underground making ready for spring seedWolf Moon lighting the spirit wolfs pathBecause he roams the land keeping watchWolf Moon of protection wrapped around my family and homeShine bright Wolf Moon, shine bright~ SWITAZ~ 01/18/2010 ©


  10. The wolves are indeed amazing animals!!They are social animals that teaches us human a few things.Yup, werewolf stories messed up their reputation even more, but I think that many people have understood there importance and are rehabilitating those animals.Yeah… something of a wolf in you! Good to know!!LOL!!Show me your teeth!!LOL!!Hey how is it going?Take care,Isa


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