Pigeon eggs update.



A liver transplant meeting was held on the 7th of December  09. I had requested a copy of the results.
 My fingers trembled slightly and my pulse rate increased somewhat, as I gingerly opened the letter. 
 I had NOT been placed on the LIST  Sad 
My jaw dropped and a wave of disappointment swept throughout the whole of  my body.
 I was stunned. I had felt so sure that I would be placed on the list. After all,
 I had been told I was considered to be "low risk" How wrong we can be !!!
The reason for this decision was that, the echo scan that I had during the assessment tests. 
 Had appeared to pick up a "turbulent flow"  (shunt)  noted in the descending Aorta left pulmonary area "gulp"
Further scans had been called for and were in fact taken on the 4th Jan at the Newcastle general. 
My Consultant whom I saw yesterday the 28th. Seemed doubtful that there existed a shunt,
 as I would have been feeling ill. this was nice to learn as I do not feel ill at all. In fact I feel good. 
My consultant told me also that  while the surgeons were dealing with the two tumors (successfully)
they had discovered a third 2cm. tumour. The surgeons had taken no action against this
 3rd pigeon egg.
Another Liver transplant meeting shall be held this Monday the 1st Feb. 
 The Surgeons shall decide then if I am to be placed on the list, or that more tests are to be called for..
I am feeling a little more confident compared to how I have been feeling,
 since I first read about the " shunt "  6 weeks ago.
You can imagine how delighted I was to hear my Consultant utter those beautiful words that 
 " she doubted  the existence of a shunt "
I am assuming the 3rd tumour is to be dealt with at a later date, if necessary.
I have requested once again a copy of the results of the liver transplant meeting to be held on Monday. 
I hope it makes better reading than the last one.
I choose NOT to make public the findings of the last transplant meeting regarding the shunt.
as I had trouble with keeping the dark thoughts at bay.
  If I had published, then it would have been in my face everyday.  "not good"
SO, all in all it is a bitter sweet pill I swallow.
 My Consultants "doubts"  sweet, and the 3rd tumour, bitter.
I shall be updating again just as soon as I learn the results of Mondays meeting between the gods of medication and Nature.
In the mean time, I am still clad in my bloodstained battle dress and ready to fight, even if it kills me.

Dance me to the end of love.

To those that should read the above, I wish you the very best for the weekend.

            Keep smiling Smile



It is the brightest "FULL MOON" tonight of 2010. 

Perhaps I should take that as a good omen.


6 responses to “Pigeon eggs update.

  1. Hi Kenny, I hope all went well for you today after the prevous disappointment.Your courage in the face of this very dire adversity is an example to us all.Keep your chin up matey, keep the dark thoughts locked away, and know that many many people are rooting for you.Good news about the other tumours, that’s something positive at least, and hopefully you will have some more good news for us tomorrow.Take care old son, keep on fighting! You have my very best wishes my friend :-)


  2. Hey my English dreamer,I am so sorry to read this,but you are strong,you must go on,hope today meeting is ok.please tell me something about your meeting.take much care.my thoughts are with you.xxx


  3. hiya kenny,, yeh it was the wolf moon,and the biggest moon of the year 2……..as for all your other news,,well I wondered why I hadnt heard from you….now i understand,,,,well all i can say is remember the cake !!!!,,,,,I`m still up for it,,,and you have got to be hugs xxx


  4. Healing thoughts from us too.I was also looking at the moon tonight, before it’s full again I have to have an MRI, I also refuse to dwell, tis also my turn to take up my sword so let’s show ’em what we’re made of. I refuse to give in to terrorism – even when it is internalised! Fingers crossed for you Kenny xx


  5. Kenny you must be on such an emotional rollercoaster at the mo. And yet still you keep your spirits up. Despite the blows inflicted on you, it is good news they are ‘dealing successfully’ with those tumours and that being the case I am sure they will deal the rebellious 3rd one equally well if nec. It’s also great news about your consultant’s shunt doubts so that is a positive too. And altho the negatives must indeed have brought a great darkness on you, Kenny you CAN get thru this horrible battle WHATEVER it takes. You are strong. You have great courage. And spirit. You can WIN! So onward into battle…and NEVER give up hope… Timid one xx :)


  6. Kenny, what can I say to soothe that you don’t already know. Your angst permutates your words and just wish I could do something to help. Your news has taken the edge off of the good news that has arrived today for me. I am sad for you. Am sending you a Katie Hug, xx


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