As requested by Vee, I have published some doodles of mine.

I have many of which are unpublishable. I am not an "artist" as such,

I just like messing about with a pen / pencil or brush.

 It is a fine way to block out the world for a few hours and allow the mind to wander.

You three look a right pair,if ever I saw one !






5 responses to “Doodles

  1. I think that you should add all of your Doodles Kenny, they are truly wonderful, you say that you are not an Artist, well I beg to differ as I have seen some of your Artistry, and it is without a doubt brilliantly portrayed, so much so that I feel sure that others will appreciate your talents here on WordPress… Have a fine rest of weekend now my wicked friend… Androgoth


  2. Beautiful art work… detailed and sets the imagination going.. love it..


  3. These “doodles” are great…their intricacy and your imagination creates a real fascination. And the glimpsing of hidden details allows the eye to discover a new concept with each viewing. You have a great deal of talent here :)


  4. Interesting this one Kenny. I percieve a deity within, A parallel between the moon and the stars. At the head chakra there is a hatching of knowledge or even enlightenment. Very Fine Work, a pleasure to behold. xx


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