Love sick Wolf.

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Lone wolf put down after partner’s death

Royston Weekly News - Odin, right, and Ishka

Odin, right, with Ishka
A HEARTBROKEN wolf has been put down just days after his life-long companion died.

Odin and Ishka had lived together at Shepreth Wildlife Park since 1996.

But Ishka seccumbed to kidney problems a uterus infection and arthritis, and Odin spent the nights howling in distress.

He spent the last nine days struggling to move around his enclosure as he searched in vain for Ishka.

Vets and keepers concluded crippling arthritis and sorrow compromised his welfare and he was put to sleep yesterday.

Animal manager Rebecca Willers said the decision to put Odin down was one of hardest zoo bosses had had to take.

She said: "When you go in there it has been heartbreaking to see him searching and howling, with his legs coming behind him.

"You can’t have an animal like that."

Regular visitors and staff paid visits to the zoo over the last few days to say their farewells.

3 responses to “Love sick Wolf.

  1. This is so hard to read. I think that we or any of us that love and have a deep respect for nature , animals and mostly Love this is so hard to read.


  2. "HoooOOOOOOWWWWWwwwwwLLLLLLL……" is I believe is an honest and heartfelt response to this post. Also appropriate to it’s nature. It does kinda wrench at the wolfie heartstrings big-time but thank you for sharing it. I have not seen the article before….Timid one.


  3. I read this article a few days ago Kenny. Intuitively, I had a feeling that you would blog about it. Berevement is a devastating event to any soul. Be it bi-ped or quandro ped or a combination of the two. You understood my loss and the effect it had on me. Thank you for sharing this I am sure it will spark a little debate. x


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