Tapping the Salamander

‘Ironopolis’ (the Great City of Iron!).

Teesside Blast Furnes


My town was built from the mining of Iron, Iron brought prosperity and growth to the river Tees,
and the people that lived along it’s banks.
 The Iron rich Cleveland hill’s still bare the scars left by the original rail track.
It leads from the hill’s down to the river Tees.
 Tub’s were hauled up to the mines, by the  powerful and majestic horses of the Shire.
The tub’s then were loaded with ore and were allowed to free wheel back down to the river.
Here it would be turned into the finest of iron and indeed used world wide.
The Sydney Harbour bridge is a perfect example of the structures
 that were built, using Iron clawed from the hills of Cleveland.
But, the final ladle of molten metal shall be poured very soon.
when they tap the salamander for the final time,
 2.500 men will become jobless. Thrown out onto the slag heap of  life, to join the
phantasmagoria of the betrayed !
The "salamander" is the iron residue that has been processed
through the furnace and accumulated at the furnace’s base.
This is an absolute catastrophe for the area,
 a devastating blow inflicted by a bunch of Muppet’s in parliament.
The government could find countless billions to bail out the bank’s.
 (who are now paying out billions in bonuses)
But choose to mothball the largest blast furnace in Europe
and destroy the lives of thousands of men and their families.
I thought Thatcherism was dead !
I understand that at times it is necessary to cut back the dead wood, to allow new growth to flourish.
But where is the new growth coming from and what form shall it take  ?
This is an example of the growth that is happening in my town.

Someone is having a laugh !

The people who are involved with this complete waste of money say ,
" it is a futuristic symbol of the towns prosperity" 
 as they go laughing all the way to the bank,
 avoiding the dole Queue and the depressed faces of the jobless.
Ironic that the erection of this so called "futuristic symbol" of my town, should coincide
with the sending of Iron making into the past.

7 responses to “Tapping the Salamander

  1. Coffee With Kate

    Im with you Kenny…. It seems that the world is in a rather big mess. Like the music by the way.


  2. Hi Kenny!Yes, it surely does seem unfair and I feel for all those people who will be out of jobs!!Hope you are doing ok? Take care,xx Donna


  3. There is no light…. After a furnace has been "mothballed" not one in the history of Iron making has been brought back on line. So to save it , history will have to be made. Those men have been crushed to the earth !!!


  4. Just been featured on the news; there does seem to be strong opposition and also a positive study into its viability – maybe the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an apporaching train.


  5. People are tired of being treated like mushrooms !!!Years ago, if anything went wrong, my G/mother would blame it on the Russians. If she were alive today, then I am sure she would blame it on the Yanks and she would be spot on.


  6. Firstly for the record I think both the fishing net and ‘Angel of the North’are s crap . The un-industrialisation of England, which is where I live, so am qualified to comment, is an establishment policy which began with the closure of the Lancashire Cotton Mills in the 70’s, continued with thatcher’s war against the mining communities in the 80’s, followed by the de-education policies of the 90’s. It has resulted in a disjointed society, whose only advantage is that the atmosphere and rivers are less polluted but who live in a constant fog of political lies and manipulation. Here endeth my rant – !


  7. Note how the funnel has two wide apetures that filter down to constriction in the middle Kenny, what does that suggest to you? The moment I saw this picture I laughed loudly. Hardly puts bread and butter on the table does it? Let alone fish and chips. Goodnight. xx


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