Give me the Moonlight.


Evening Waterfall by Carl Sandburg
WHAT was the name you called me?—
And why did you go so soon?

The crows lift their caw on the wind,
And the wind changed and was lonely.

The warblers cry their sleepy-songs
Across the valley gloaming,
Across the cattle-horns of early stars.

Feathers and people in the crotch of a treetop
Throw an evening waterfall of sleepy-songs.

What was the name you called me?—
And why did you go so soon?

Wishing all who enter here
a pleasent and most rewarding week ahead.
If any should be interested in creating pictures like the above.
Then this is a good place for "plug-ins"
Have fun !!!

15 responses to “Give me the Moonlight.

  1. Coffee With Kate

    Good morning Kenny, lovley picture and I enjoyed the poem too. Hope you are in top fom and thanks for popping over to my page, always good to hear from you.Warm hugs from Cape Town


  2. Hi Kenny beautiful picture and lovely poem hope all continues to go well with you hope you had a good birthday with many more to come Love Suki x


  3. Thankyou Kenny.. Thank You. . Deep Peace to you , good health alsoLisa xoxo.


  4. Two dozen dumpling and two portion meat loafs on its way by express delivery. Got your steamer ready? Thankyou for dropping in Kenny. Have a nice evening! Mei


  5. Nice to see you stop Kenny .Thanks for you words . They are for breakfast. How does this sound. Eggs.. milk, a herbal drink I have grown to love, vitamins, and applesauce. Yup its boring but.Have a wonderful Sunday.


  6. Happy Birthday Kenny! Hope you had a great day. Mei


  7. Happy Birthday Kenny. Hope you had a wonderful day..I havent forgotten as you have the same BD as my Mom. She is gone and I found this blog took my words away almost. Deep Peace to you and Health. Lisa


  8. GRATTIS PAPPA!!!I found this poem and I thought you would like it…Inatt…I månskenet i natt,Kom ut min sköna!kom ut in nattens kylakom ut i nattens dofterJag väntar i nattunder himlen, svart,under månens skivaunder nattens öga jagandeMen mitt byte, i nattär du, min sköna!är den jag vädrarär det som skall ge mig livPå mina tassar i nattgenom mörkret jag springergenom tystnaden och kylangenom smärtans slöjor jagandeOch vid mötet, i natt,du ger mig en blick, så varmdu ger mitt hjärta styrkandu ger ditt kött till mig…Och i tystnaden, ugglorna flydda,vilar den unga mön under granens skuggavilar i mörkret och kylan, i nattens hjärtavilar, vaknar aldrig, men leendet är kärlekens,på hennes läppar…We LOVE YouLisa, Adamali and Alijo


  9. Hippo, bridy, two ewes. Hippo, birdy, two ewes. Hippo, birdy. Hippo birdy. Hippo, birdy, two ewes.Many happy solar returns Kenny, may you have a magical day xx


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ahhhhhhhh. Now you didn’t think I’d forget your birthday on March 10th, did you, Kenny? I may not be around the blog stations right now, but I surely couldn’t forget such a day as this! I think of you often and hope you are responding to treatments and doing well. You are a bright light in our blog group and I don’t want to see you go through any pain or sorrow. Just remember, you have a friend over here in the States. OH! Shhhhhhhh…..if you’re very quiet you can actually hear 2 cats purring out the Happy Birthday song — LOL, that’s right, CATS! HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.Love to you, KennyJenny xoxoxo


  11. Hello Kenny, just a quick note to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today, hope you have a great day today, and a sucessful, happy, and more importantly, a healthy year ahead.Let all your worries go for today, enjoy yourself my friend, it’s your birthday!All the best me old matey, good luck for this coming yearNickps. Any news on the transplant yet?pps. very nice pic…. I wish I could do that…..I think I’ll have to visit that site for a few tips :-)


  12. Happiest Birthday to you, Kenny!!Thankyou for explaining what a "tube" is, by the way, LOL! I hope you have a wonderful day, spending it doing what makes you happiest!!Take care, XXDonna


  13. Thankyou Kenny! I love the beauty in the pictures you send me and the words as well! The poem is sad but meaningful, I enjoyed it alot! You took the photo’s of the Swans, right? I don’t know how to do that but if I go to the link you put up, I can learn!! Hope you are having a nice weekend.Take care, Donna


  14. That is a really beautiful picture…and I’m only getting to view it on the mobile2night…and that’s a great ripple effect. Would love to be able to create something like that but don’t think for a moment, regardless of a "plug-in" I could achieve such images! Excellent work! Timid one :)


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