It strikes me that………..

 " W A R N I N G "

Any person suffering from any form of Epilepsy

 should scroll down "NO" further.

You have been warned !!!





























Nature knows how to produce
the greatest effects with the most limited means.


10 responses to “It strikes me that………..

  1. Hi Kenny!How have you been? Thankyou for all your thoughtful words! I hope everything is good over there in England. Did you have a nice Easter? I just got back from visiting my friend, so I haven’t been on the computer for a couple of days!!Take care, my thoughts are with you.Donna XX


  2. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Kenny, Popping in to check up on you and to hear how you are doing. I hope well. With a bit of luck your weather should be improving which I am sure will be good for mind, body and soul.Take care,Kate


  3. Ello Kenny, Just checking in to see how you are old matey, and to wish you belated happy easter.Off to wembley ( again! ) on saturday.. hopefully it wont be the same result as last time we were there, and the same result as the last time we played Chelsea( it was a dream, it never really happened :-) )Any news onyour op yet.?Take is easy Kenny, see you soonall the best, and good luck!


  4. Hi Kenny!I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!I hope you have a great weekend, with the ones you cherish the most!!Donna XX


  5. Coffee With Kate

    Lovely. Natures remains quite awesome.Hope the rest of your week improves.


  6. Hi Kenny!Wow, that is some lightening show for sure! On the Prairies we got alot of storms and some really nasty ones too! The lightening is very beautiful though!! I am glad you like the photo of me with no sun glasses!LOL! Take care, XXDonna


  7. Fantastic ‘light’ show…serves to remind of the raw and powerful side of nature even as it is also stunning and electric in it’s untamed beauty. Timid one :)


  8. IMO. The video was taken from within a moving vehicle. The lights you see are the road lamps. You were spot on with that bad weather moving in. More snow forecast…as if thunder and lightning isn’t enough !!!


  9. fascinating – – – – – – but whats with the orbs of light that move R 2 L in between the flashes of lightning ?


  10. Mesmerizing Kenny and totally awesome. :o)


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