My Cousin and I.



A little fun to start the week.


This is me, I live in England !


Nature moves in mysterious ways ! 


This is my Cousin  Isack.

He lives in a world of his own !


Have a great week all ye who enter here.

All ye who seek comfort sure.

All ye heavy laden.

All ye music love.

All ye tender of heart.














4 responses to “My Cousin and I.

  1. You are looking good Kenny! Don’t know about your cousin thoughLove Suki xxx


  2. Your cousin Isack sure does live in a world of his own! 😉


  3. :-) Hope you are well Kenny xxx


  4. Kenny, I am not sure who I prefer most, you or your cousin Isaack. From one who is tender in heart and finds comfort in the arms of those I love. May you also always have the same. xxx


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