A prediction.

 My prediction

 for the World cup final.


See you soon  :))

ENGLAND  2                      BRASIL  1

Rooney will score both goals.



It has been 75 days since being placed on the Liver transplant list.

Considering that the average waiting time is 100 days,

Then it is highly possible that I shall be having a new liver fitted,

at the same time Rooney is kissing the WORLD CUP  !!!




12 responses to “A prediction.

  1. Happy St Georges Day!


  2. Nelci. Se o Brasil ganhar a Copa do Mundo, eu estarei feliz por você.


  3. HHaaa.. Jag tycker att Brasilien vinner me 2-1


  4. Yes Nick, I know what you mean about building up hope !!! Despair usually follows. For sure we will come up against a couple of bent, blind ref’s. But if we can overcome such corruption then I hope things may just come good for us. fingers crossed. I hope also the new liver shall come soon. I have places to go and people to meet. Take care Nick.


  5. Hi kenny, Whilst I do so hope that you are right, I think a quick visit over to Kate for a cup of coffee might help :-)I know that is a pessimistic view, but they’ve let us down so many times that I really can’t get my hopes up that much ( he says NOW, but will change his mind completely when we win the group stage, and then will be banging on to all and sundry how this is OUR Year once again :-) )75 days.. 76 now ??? where did they go? Fingers crossed for a very soon and very successful operation me old son ;-)Kee p safe Kenny, and good luck my friend!All the very best dude :-)


  6. Yes it is possible that the yanks sell Rooney before the world cup ! I take exception to you using the word plagiarism !!! since when has telling a joke been plagiarism. please choose your words more carefully. Kenny slams the door on his way out to town !!!


  7. Kenny, do I detect a shred of literary plagerism? ;o) :oD. In Answer to your question. It appears the Laird may be correct, or do you need to go to Specsavers? xx


  8. Sarah Thank you for your kind words.Timid one I am not sure about kissing my new liver hello ! But I can certainly kiss my old liver goodbye !!!Nat. Do you know any good nurses !!!Laird. No preferences here, I treat all women fairly and one at a time 😉 lolThe yanks will wait until after the world cup is over, when Rooney’s price tag shall have doubled !!!


  9. Rooney will only get a chance to kiss the world cup – if those duplicitous yanks sell him to join his mate at RM.just send in your postal vote and enjoy the convelesence – looks like the night nurses are already jostling for preference !


  10. Am Laughing at Wolfies comment Kenny, it’s enough to keep you in stiches, or was that burst them. My Prediction, Enjoy summer, the world cup. Reap the damsel fruits and then the call to Arms. Spend Winter recovering with tender loving care from good Nursing.Now that’s what I call a result. Lots of love as always. xx


  11. HOOoooooWWWWWLLLLLL! Lol…just so long as YOU are not trying to kiss your new liver WHILST it is being fitted then I am sure all will be well and you will surface a new man, to the sweet sight of Rooney kissing the World Cup! Make sure you are wearing your best "England PJ’s!!!" 😉


  12. Let us sincerely hope so – healing hugs and wishes xxx


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