The chocolate theory of love !!!

The creme de la creme egg.

World’s largest Cadbury Creme Egg!

 Here’s a breakdown of its "vital statistics" :

 Standard Creme Egg:

Height: 2"

Girth: 4"

 Weight: 40g

 Calories: estimated 10000!!

Creme de la creme egg

Height: 8"

Girth: 16.5"

Weight: A whopping 2.25 kg!!

Calories: 175



OOOO000oooo...What a whopper.

At first a little nibble – a slow & temptin lick.

I suck & munch my liquid lunch & then i swallow quick!



Chocolate theory of loveThis is a featured page

In science, the chocolate theory of love or “PEA theory of love” argues that feeling of being in love is similar to the feeling one gets when eating chocolate; a theory substantiated on the basis that both people in love and amounts of chocolate contain high levels of the amphetamine-like neurotransmitter phenylethylamine (PEA).
 [1] The theory is intuitively confirmed by noting that people recently dumped tend to consume a large amount of chocolate, indicating that such individuals are acting to elevate brain PEA levels to previous mid-relationship levels, and that people tend to give out chocolate on Valentine’s day.

The theory originated, in circa 1980, through interviews of American psychologist Michael Liebowitz, author of the 1983 book
The Chemistry of Love.

 [2] During an interview, according to Liebowitz, he remarked to reporters that “chocolate is loaded with PEA”, and this side comment became the focus for an article in The New York Time, which was then taken up by the news wire services, then evolving into the non-eponymous “chocolate theory of love "
In his own words:

“In one interview I remarked that chocolate was loaded with PEA, so perhaps people ate chocolate to enhance romantic feelings … this became the focus for an article in The New York Times, which was then taken up by the wire services, then by magazine free-lancers, and evolved into "the chocolate theory of love.”

I  ate  a  whole box  of chocolates yesterday,
all I feel is unloved and constipated.    🙂

14 responses to “The chocolate theory of love !!!

  1. MeiYou are most welcome to visit me and moan all you want, but please no "groaning" people may get the wrong impression. ;)Suki.How is your tummy this morning after your curry. My G/father would always say. the secret to a long life is. No hurry-no worry-and no curry. he was 92 when he passed away. Timid one.Yes Cheno is spoiled rotten, shall have to start spoiling myself and I know exactly where to begin.SandiI am with you, I steer clear of chocolate, not good for my complexion :) Nice to see you here you are most welcome.


  2. Timid One, Wolfie…? You…? Alpha females are not timid!! And you are loved, very much, by all your friends…(((BIG HUGS)))Oh, sorry Kenny…hello…I just followed Sarah and the mention of chocolate…mmmmm…For some reason, yesterday I bought a large bar of chocolate and, Piggins here, scoffed the lot! Then I opened the bag of chocolate peanuts and raisins. I woke up this morning wondering why I had a dodgy tum!!! Ooooh…never again…! :-(


  3. HooOOOWWwwwwLoooooL!! But Cherno! That was very generous of Kenny to give you a Bulls nose!!…lol ;)…and you do seem to be slurping and munching your way thru it with a great deal of relish!! But Timid one does not want you to feel left out…it is…drool..chomp….munch…a very juicy XL T/bone! Kenny has truly excelled himself! Slurp…slobber….chomp! So if you’re really quick and Kenny doesn’t eat it all first…lol 😉 there will be an extra juicy LITTLE nibble of it awaiting your fearless furry self! ;)Slobbery lick in your furry ‘earing ‘ole! Timid one 😉


  4. Oh oooooooooooooo chocolate!! I have just joined weight watchers and it is too soon to fall of the wagon! (even though I am having a curry tonight!) But when I do have a chocolate egg I just bite off the top and lick out the cream mmmmmmmmmmm yummy That if the G’kids don’t get it first.. But I am with the Laird how do these companies fair regarding their cocoa production.Hope you get to Sweeden in the summer I am sure you will have a wonderful timeLove Suki xxx


  5. I love chocolate especially dark one, I am diabetic now, its sad… thanks for the GOD… everything my parent got i got it all… its great! :-( Sometimes i really do i can have the cancer, so i can go to see my great GOD without sorry, its hurt staying alive with all my love one who don’t understand me. Well, what am i doing in here moaning… sorry Kenny, been keeping my mouth zipped for to long, may be! Thank you for visiting Kenny, you lovely person you! Haha… just copying! Have a good day. Mei


  6. HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLCherno the Fearless enters the room. Now just a doggon picken minuet, what’s going on here then !!! How come Timid one gets a XL. T/Bone and all I get is a bulls nose ? slurp slurp munch munch…. shall give that Kenny a piece of his mind when he comes home. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr !!!


  7. :) Very much so thank you! Such kind words could not fail to have that effect! :) And how thoughtful of you to think of bringing an XL T/bone AND a creme de la creme egg!! 😉 Timid one is drooling wolfishly in eager and tingling anticipation of such a luxurious feast!…I trust you will stay awhile and share a LITTLE…lol 😉 nibble of it?… Slurp! Slobber! Munch! Chomp!… 😉 Timid one! :)


  8. Kenny, Ouch! Reminds me of the joke where a bloke says, "I had a good woman once but she left me." "Left you?" replies his mate. "Yes she was called Anne Summers. Trouble was I forgot about my belt buckle and in the process of trying to make love to her, she Psst! off out the patio doors! "Thoughtful comment you made to Sarah. I like that. :o) xx


  9. Nat.If you are looking for the love of a good man, then there exists a synthetic man you can buy on line. Just blow him up and off you go. Just don’t ware anything sharp or he shall go down on you !Sarah.I think Commander knows instinctively what is best for him. He is loving you for a start and I am sure he does not need comforting by a bar of any% chocolate.


  10. If I am going to have chocolate then it must be GOOD chocolate, 85% at least. A while back Commander "Borrowed" a bar of 90% out of my stash, sad to say he wasn’t impressed.


  11. Oh dear Timid one."Know this ! …. that you are loved and wanted ! I shall bring you an extra large juicy T/bone for your flashing fangs to feast upon and a Creme De la creme egg to make your tongue tingle. Hope you feel loved and wanted now :) Laird.I guessed you would pick up on the Kraft take over of Cad bury. But by any other name, a cream egg is a cream egg ! But I.M.O. They should come with a government health warning. It is little wonder that Britain is fast becoming another nation plagued by obesity, second only to the states. Re: cheese. Try the creamy Danish "Havarti" I love it !!!


  12. since cadbury was given to kraft with a British taxpayers lone. the plastic cheese makers products, joins my list of sanctions – won’t make a difference but I sleep at nights :)


  13. Chocolate?….Love?….Slurp! Slobber! Munch! Chomp!….2.5 kg creme de la creme egg??!!…. Timid one is feeling very unloved and unwanted today…..Slurp! Slobber! Munch! Chomp!…. 😉


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