Pigeons eggs update.

Yesterdays appointment with my Consultant at the "Freeman's Hospital" did NOT go well.
It transpired that a new pigeon's egg had been laid in my Liver, it is nestled very close to a main
blood vessel. The 3D images highlighted the shadow quite clearly.
"It shall be  complicated to destroy" said my Consultant. As the blood in the vessel shall absorb
most of the heat from the Embolization prossess.
This news was disturbing to say the least as I was under the impression that,
all was well with my liver and that the actual Transplant itself was to be the next course of
surgery. How wrong we can be.
Disheartening ,yes, but I have been hear before and I know what is involved and just what to expect.
It is the knowledge of what I shall experience soon that so deflated me last night.
The technique that  is to be  performed                    is "Chemoembolization".                        
This is where the good Surgeons enter the Liver by means of entering through a vein in my leg.
I am conscious throughout the procedure and it is painless. The pain, discomfort and nausea that is incurred,
follows shortly after my return to the ward.
I trust this time after returning home that the Liver does not "inflame" as it has done
after the previous two operations.
 This involves another stay in my local hospital, which is located but less than a mile from my house.
How convenient it would be to have my treatment
 (scans, visits to my Consultant and procedures)
 at my own local Hospital. Still I am so eternally grateful for the very existence of the "Freemans"
One should be thankful for the great work that they perform.
Yesterday Kenny was not a happy Bunny but with the new dawn came a new Kenny.
My initial disappointment has now been burned away by the morning sunshine 
I am ready to confront this set back with a smile on my face  Smile
I now await my admission date  which I am very keen to learn, as
 "I am sweating and stamping at the gate, like one of Apollo's horses"
to meet a very dear friend of mine.
Sorry can't tell you who or where, but know this: she is one of the most warm and caring people
ever to walk upon this Earth.
Her Husband also is a true gentleman, a real good sport.
While viewing the M.R.I. results of my internal self with my Consultant.
I asked if she could be so kind as to forward some of them to me.
It is highly unusual she said, but smiled and asked for my e/mail addy.
So it is quite possible that people may get to see the length of my
spinal cord.   he he he  !!! 
Life certainly jumps out at us sometimes.



12 responses to “Pigeons eggs update.

  1. I am so sorry you are going through all this stress. Sending healing hopes & Prayers your way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dude, sorry Kenny, I’ve just seen this entry, after I left my message., Oh dear just dosn’t do you justice.Keep your chin up my friend, and so so much good luck and positive vibrations for your oncoming battle.All the very best to you my friendNick


  3. Suki.Thank you for the good vibrations, I am picking them up good and strong ;)Lisa.I am aware that your brother is fighting the same battle as i myself. I trust he and I rise victorious.Peace as always to you Lisa.Carrie.Yes indeed "some good energies" are just what I am in need of. I have accepted your request and hope to see you here again, in my most humble of sanctums. Isa.So just where the heck have you been ? you have been missed !!! shall pop over to yours soon.Take care "hun" :)Kenny talking, " with all the wonderful comments of support, I feel like i have been tarred with the same brush as the virtual sacred. Most humbling.


  4. Another one you will get rid of!You are one of the rare persons I know who takes things the way you do and I guess the wolf does symbolizes you perfectly!Witty and courageous! Mmmmm I do appreciate that in a man!I love the background of your blog!You are really getting good at it!Hugs,Isa


  5. I am so glad I came also to this blog. I can see you are in need of a some good energies. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. Take Care Carrie


  6. Your Graffics are amazing .


  7. Thinking of you also Kenny as you fight for your life. Glad you got my message. Breath Deep once again and Know Peace my friend.Lisa Have a beautiful day also.


  8. Dearest kenny I know you will meet these new challenges head on, just as you have the old ones, thinking of you and wishing you well sending to you all the good vibes and lots of loveSuki xPS love the graphics Sx


  9. Sarah.Party style buffet lunches, you are being spoilt. Yes a nice "cosy" corner of a **** restaurant, table for 2 illuminated by a single white candle. a Lotus bloom floating in a bowl of crystal water and on the end of my fork a big juicy chunk of Lobster. Sitting opposite, the most beautiful lady on the planet., what more could I ask for !!! Dam it… I’m dreaming again !!! Timid one.Yes I am on fire and your kind words help to keep that burning flame alive. Shimona.How wonderful to see you here again and hoping you are safe and well in that tortured land of yours. Thank you for your warm and welcome words.Shalom to you Shimona.


  10. Shimona from the Palace

    Kenny, I wish you the best of luck and hope and pray that the whole procedure goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.


  11. Clearly and obviously your old liver wishes to go out with a bang not a whimper. Rather unfortunate for it as out it WILL go and in WILL come the new! And no matter what it throws at you in the meantime one thing is sure…it doesn’t stand a chance! Just you keep that spirit of fire burning Kenny! And remember there is no beginning or end to your dreams or plans. Everything you want to do WILL happen when the right time comes. So! Go thrash that pigeon egg!! Furry icewolfie hugs….! Timid one :) x


  12. Funny how the weather can influence a day so strongly, it’s cold and driech here. I try to ensure the net result of that is ‘cosy’ rather than ‘Miserable’. A nice party style buffet lunch and now Commander has his feet up watching the news, his cubs are playing computer games and I am working on my book.I hope you have a good week Kenny and they get this all sorted my friend.Aim for cosy when you can’t find sunny and take care old friend xx


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