The gallant Knight's heart is crushed to the ground,
the Lady he craves, is taken, shackled with hoops of steel.
Turning his charger's proud head, toward the battle raging,
is washed away into a shimmering mirage, that is his destiny.
His tarnished and torn armour glints far off in the hazy distance,
the final reality of his being.

Fleeting the hours they shared, perpetual their impression.


4 responses to “Shackled

  1. Hey my English dreamer,I am very proud of you,you are so brave and you can win this battle,I am sure you are going to be the winner,just keep on fighting!!!! take much


  2. Shackles were made to be broken…battles made to be won. Lift your face towards the Sun then you will not see the shadows ~ Ride on gallent knight…Timid one :)


  3. "What is it that eye can never see, but in the heart there speaketh the truth"Even the strongest of steel succumbs to the heat of the fire.Be Well Kenny and win your Battle.


  4. Beautiful sad image.Hugs and fishes (((><xXx>)))


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