In search of Cod !


Crept out of my lovely warm bed 4am Sunday morning,
the weather forecast was not  favourable.
But "hey" we are NOT "fair weather" fishermen !
Terry picked me up at 5am, old Wally was waiting for us when we arrived at
Paddys hole.
Soon we were heading out of the river Tees and out into the North Sea.
The sea was somewhat choppy with quite a swell, the rain came down as the boat was raised
and then fell. This produced a feeling like a roller coaster ride.
I wondered at this point if I had made the correct decision to go fishing.
My stomach has not been at it's best of late as you can appreciate.
After taking some extra painkillers " Paracetamol and CODeine"
all went well. I had mentioned to Terry that it was indeed a New Moon and the 13th
day of the month.
Lucky for some he replied, so making a wish upon the New Moon (no, not telling )
and ignored the fact that it was the 13th (not a suspicious man)
The morning was uneventful as we skipped from one place to another
in search of the elusive Cod.
Haddock and Mackerel were caught but still no Cod :(
By afternoon amazingly the sea had calmed and was now like a sheet of glass at times.
We had been tossed from pillar to post earlier, but now all was calm.
A mist descended producing an eerie feeling, all was silent, all was good.
 Upon arriving home  I was so tired i could not keep my eyes open
to watch Germany play the Ausies in the World cup. Now that is what I call tired.
I could not see the Ausies beating Germany anyway, this was to be a correct assumption
as I read this morning, they had won 4-0 . Well what  the Ausies know about football
can be heard rattling around in a match box !
So after a hot bath I was soon back in my lovely bed, reflecting on the day.
Soon I driffted off into a deep and  much needed sleep.
It is now 11am the 14th and I am refreshed and ready for what the week ahead produces.
Below you find some pics I snapped during our unfruitful search for Cod .
Still there is always another day and soon I hope.
Have a great week all and remember this.
"Someone in here is thinking about "you" out there"
Peace as always

The day went swellingly !

Heading out of the river Tees.

We were in for a rough ride. a good mood  !

Old Wally Dreaming about the time when Cod would not be

so hard to catch. He blames it on foreign fisheries who have decimated the numbers.

I quite agree with him.


First fish of the day.

Loved the look on Wallys face at the size of Terrys catch.

Not impressed at all   lol




A couple of fishing friends pulled up to ask if we had caught anything.

They had caught nothing and were heading home.


Cod is great. when you can catch it.

They waved goodbye as they disappeared into the mist, as quickly as they appeared.


Where have all the Cod gone  :(


 The catch, not a lot to shout about there then .

But all edible.


Oh those poor fishermen,they are getting all wet !


Heading back into the river Tees. 

An hour earlier the sea was calmness itself.

Nothing changes so quickly as the weather so they say.

( Just perhaps a woman's mind )


This jacket can be seen from space   !

Flaming June...NOT !

More like freezing Feb !



16 responses to “In search of Cod !

  1. I think I’m to late for any fish. But some head and tails will do fine… they make lovely soup with watercress or spinach. Yum… great day you’ve out there. Save me some fish next time, even just head and bone will do for me! :-) Take care Kenny. Mei


  2. Well I suppose it’s one way of keeping hold of one. We have a bungalow now so I clean them myself.When I moved to Leeds two years ago a guy knocked and said – the lady who lives here didn’t pay me for cleaning the windows so like a fool I paid him, the neighbour told me later he hadn’t cleaned the windows there for over two years, but every week he came round trying to collect the cash!


  3. Glad to see you looking so good in your’jaunty’hatLove Suki xI’ll be back x


  4. Laird.LOL… revenge is sweet as they say in the Dordogne !!!Sarah.A chap comes round and cleans my windows once a fortnight, i haven’t paid him for ages. Must owe him a fortune, lol


  5. I was, (and still am) my own window cleaner.


  6. now that we are restricted to "tweet" size replies at least the spammers messages will disappear – I return them to other spammers then block them ! gives me a sense of retribution … lol


  7. SarahI would not like to have been your window cleaner :)Timid one.I wouldn’t say "overly long" I don’t think there exists such a comment. Unless it is one of those dam chinese spammers !!


  8. Errr….sorry for that rather overly long comment…should have gone back to your page to post it…can’t tell how long they are from this comment box thingy on mine. Timid one…


  9. Wouldn’t know, don’t watch much TV. Those waves are fantastic when we had a good Atlantic blow in the winter we frequently couldn’t open the front door which faced the sea, for the force of it.


  10. Sarahare you trying to sink me already ! have you seen the "size" of thoses waves up there. Naw…those satalites sets have a very poor reception no good for watching footy. just corporation st and the like.Timid one.Sorry Terry took all the fish, I only take the BIG Cod home. Yes old Wally can tell the odd whopper now and again. unlike me of coarse !!


  11. From the way you wrote this you clearly had a most enjoyablely fishy day with the cod…and not before time! I hope you saved a little nibble of a fish tail for Timid one? I do so dislike getting my well-manicured paws wet fishing my own out 😉 I do like that photo of "Old Wally"…that expression told a few fish tails! Maybe it was that unearthly hour of a start time…lol…Timid one :)


  12. Mara! Oh yes that would be good.You could always get one of those satellite sets?


  13. Laird.Spain is one of the countries pinchin my Cod ! Plus they pinch the fish out of the mouths of starving west coast Africans.But in Spain’s own right it has very beautiful landscapes, and women ; )Kate.Yes, I enjoy a day out at sea, regardless of the weather. It reminds me of when I was a Viking :)Sarah.Are you suggesting we sail into the North Atlantic. That would be a no go for me, I would never get back in time for the next England match :)


  14. Perhaps you were looking in the wrong plaice?


  15. Coffee With Kate

    well Kenny, it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day regardless.Take care and may you too have a fabulous week.


  16. POLLACKS – that is what my neighbour passed over the fence last weekend after his trip to Llandudno. Ate them in a fish stirfry with the little Tyke. Hope it gets warmer next week in Spain . . . .but then the rain falls. . . .!


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