Week in the presence of Beauty

A friend from Sweden came to visit me for a week. She is Brazilian born
but has lived in Stockholm for 37 years.
She asked me soooo nicely if I would post a pic of her on my blog ...
How could I refuse.


What is beauty...

...Is it that shadow that skips across the sand

then disappears into the sunshine ?


This morning  (half asleep)  I gazed from my window and noticed  two

"very large" birds high up in the morning  sky.

I understood instantly, they were strangers to this part of the world.

So grabbing my cam. I rushed out just in time to see them sail  effortlessly over

my head.

At first glance I guessed ( or hoped ) they were  a pair Eagles, however upon closer inspection

It is revealed that they are indeed a species of stork !!!

But still very nice to witness something I had not seen before.

A wonderful beginning to the day !!!


High up,heading towards me.


They are   NOT  Herons.


Sailing the wind.

Wondering where they were going and why !

I watched as they sailed out of sight, just as I had watched an airplane

yesterday fly out of sight.





8 responses to “Week in the presence of Beauty

  1. Suki.nice to see you here again my dear, yes the storks must have been delivering twins !! as there are 2 of them.take care Suki. xx


  2. Susiethank you for your words, hope the weather is good in Portugal. who knows one day I may just find myself swimming in your pool. :)


  3. Timid oneit was an unexpected surprise ! hope things are well with you. I shall visit you soon. "promise"


  4. Sarah.I have never seen a sea Eagle flying free, in England but have seen eagles and Ospreys flying around in Sweden. a wonderful sight indeed.


  5. Hi Kenny Glad to see you are out and about enjoying yourself in this lovely weather hope you are feeling fit! Your friend looks lovely! As for the Storks they were probably returning from a delivery mission as they do not appear to be carrying precious bundles. Stay well and wonderful my friendLots of love Suki x


  6. so glad you had a good week kenny….nice pics all of them xx


  7. You had a most enjoyable week then…Good~You deserve it….Timid one :)


  8. Wow! They are indeed beautiful ( all of them).Have you ever seen a Sea Eagle?


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