The roads also !!!

The roads also.
By Wilfred Owen.


Most of Owen's poems are about war, specifically the Great War
in which he was killed. But there are others of his, like this fragment, that show the much
gentler kind of poet he might of become had he survived.
He uses here, as in many of his poems, a kind of reverse - rhyme
in which the consonants remain the same but the vowel is changed.
The roads also have their wistful rest,
when the weathercocks perch still and roost,
and the town is a candle-lit room
the streets also dream their dream.
The old houses muse of the old days
and their fond trees leaning on them doze,
on their steps chatter and clatter stops,
on their doors a strange hand taps.
Men remember alien ardours
as the dusk unearths old mournful odours.
In the garden unborn child souls wail
and the dead scribble on walls.
Though their own child cry for them in tears,
women weep but hear no sound upstairs.
They believe in loves that had not lived
 and in passion past the reach of the stairs
to the world's towers or stars.

8 responses to “The roads also !!!

  1. Laird.Unfortunately "peace" is but a period of time between 2 wars. has always been so and shall always remain so. Sad but true !!!


  2. I do not like this stupid idea. I am becoming fed up with all the the "unnecessary changes. It confuses people and in the end people just don’t bother trying to figure things out.


  3. the latest upheaval has disposed of the "stat’s" service. people enjoyed seeing who had visited their space. also I sign in as "off line" but when I go to my space suddenly my status changes and suddenly I am "available"


  4. Hi Jenny. lovely to see you here again. pleased you were able to leave a comment. The powers that be at wls. hq. insist on making our lives a misery at times. why will they not just leave things alone.


  5. "What passing bells for these who die as cattle?" – sums up most of mans inhumanity to man, methinks.


  6. Last but not least, that is one yummy front page header you have! Wooohoooo! Now you KNOW that couple is really, really having a good time, lol. I love it.


  7. Wilfred Owen is a wonderful poet. But I came for a different reason. I cannot get into anyone’s space to leave a comment (well, 2 were ok). I didn’t want u to think I’d forgotten you. I have not, Kenny. I hope you are doing better and I think of you often. XXX


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