From a Stars violent birth it's destiny is sealed within
an equally violent and spectacular death.
Nothing exists forever because forever does not exist.
As a leaf on a tree everything eventually falls
into that vast unknown emptiness of nothingness.
Our own universe shall one day fade and cease to be.
 Leaving behind, Nothing !
Nothing is constant everything changes, nothing and none are eternal.
But, from nothing came everything.
This begs the age old question, "why"... what is the reason for life ?
A question we ask ourselves many times during our lives.
But I have asked myself this question so often
that I no longer think about it's answer.
Quite simply I believe there is no reason, no goal and no rational
meaning to it all. Only that we must go where Natures path leads,
and it leads nowhere !
Finally all mans knowledge,achievements and history is destined to become nothing.
I see no sense in this, however I do see much beauty in Natures wondrous creations.
Mother Nature may well destroy all that she creates in time.
But first, she offers us such breathtaking displays of her power.
From the microscopic to the telescopic, Nature excites me so !!!


We are comprised of Star dust and not nessacerily the "same Star".
Your right eye could possibly be comprised of Star dust that originated from a northern sky.
While your left eye could possibly be comprised of Star dust that  originated from a southeren sky.
If you think this to be just a cockeyed tale.
 Then think again !

10 responses to “Nothing

  1. SusieI am part of "nothing" and yet part of everything ! I feel a headache coming on :)and hugs to you Susie xxx


  2. as you say kenny from nothin came everythin…….so that makes you part of everythin…….dont it ??…..hugs to you xxx susie xxx


  3. And you to mine…Timid one :)


  4. Sarah“Life is like an onion: you peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it” The same goes for my "opinions", some may say :)


  5. oh Godz! I’m getting worse – I just read that as ‘just a simple man with onions’ Then sat here like a right bimbo for ten minutes trying to work out what the relevence of the onions was…….no it’s ok I can find my own way to the sanatorium… honest guv…SPLATT!


  6. Timid oneGood comment , you help give meaning to my life, as do all that visit my humble space and leave commentsSuki lol. don’t see myself as a "philosopher" just a simple man with opinions !!!


  7. Live for the moment Kenny all is what you make it rejoice in the love of your friends, and you have so many! The universe that made my right eye and my left ear has been here along time and we will not be so unfortunate to be here when it ends! Take care my friend and never stop being a philosopherLove Suki x


  8. Sometimes questions are more important than answers. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life…WE should give meaning to life, not wait for life to give US meaning.Timid one :)


  9. I hope you know where your towel is Harold !….. and I see you have lost nothing in the art of splitting hairs :)


  10. It is an impossibility to have ‘nothing’ – recognising ‘nothing’ means you have ‘something’..Man’s insecurity in time and space makes him invent ‘gods’ and ‘reasons’ for the universe around us. Whilst we know the answer is 42 – noone has yet come up with the ultimate Question….!


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