Mad Max


I found this old newspaper clipping while

 searching for something else.



 I reared Max and would take him with me to my local pub,  

Max was a friendly dog with no antisocial habbits.

 He was very much liked by "most" of the customers and staff.

Bill was the landlord and many times asked, no, begged indeed that I sell Max to him.

 I knew Bill was a good man and that Max would be very well taken care of.

So it came as something of a surprise when Bill phoned me and told me what had happened.

 This is the snippet published in the evening gazette. Thursday, May 18 1995


A beautiful dog,with a beautiful temperament !


This is Max after his "mad" attempt to swim the River Tees.

A very lucky dog indeed.



Max. after his swim  !!!








6 responses to “Mad Max

  1. OH my Lord, what a harrowing experience for Max! I was shaking in my shoes just reading it! Kenny, Max was more than gorgeous, he was outstandingly beautiful — just look at that face!By the way, speaking of faces, I saw the skydrive shot of you: Kenny, you are one handsome fella :)Love from your American buddy, JennyD :D


  2. Sarahvery true !Sukiyes a big beautiful beast he was, wish Cherno would connect with the camera, soon as i pic up the camera he scoots off lol camera shy i guess.


  3. What a beautiful handsom dog! Even though it is a grainy news paper photo you can see what beautiful eyes he has and he is connecting with the camera. well done Kenny for rearing such a beautiful animallove suki x


  4. No he is still beautiful even if he is no longer with us in the flesh his image is magnificent and also still very much alive in your heart my friend xxx


  5. "Was" Sarah, what a beauty he was !!!


  6. What a beauty he is x


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