Baby Polar Bear !!!

At last I have a baby Polar bear. It was given to me by my dear friend Josephine.

His name is George !!!




He shall be with me when I am in hospital having my new liver installed.

I had intended calling  him snowflake, but changed my mind.


Medical update.


I am in need of a procedure called


The good doctors at the Freeman’s Hospital discovered  stones in my kidneys.

This procedure sends "shock-waves" through my body and hopefully

disintegrates the stones.

These are not running waves of peace.

Another down side to this , is my own local hospital could perform this procedure,

yet I must travel up to Newcastle to have it.

 Now i had always thought, that computers were designed to communicate with each other.

It would be a simple matter to have the procedure in my local hospital,

and the information forwarded to the Freemans hospital in Newcastle.


I still have not learned if the last blast of chemo i had some time ago  has

actually been successful or not.  I had been under the impression that i was to be enlightened

regarding this at my last visit to the Freeman’s.

But I saw only the transplant coordinator (not my consultant) who could tell me nothing about the result.

She took my blood weighed me ( have lost 4k in the past 4 month) and booked me in for another appointment.

Also my consultant has called for an endoscopy investigation of my stomach.

I am so looking forward to that "not".


So at this moment I am feeling very anxious about the result of the last chemo.

(If it proves to be unsuccessful then I shall have a very large needle inserted into my liver)

I am also not best pleased about the Lithotripsy and the endoscopy.

If that is not enough, I think I have upset someone very close to me.

I am laden with medical problems but scant thought I give them,

it is the thought of losing this friend that is sharper than the surgeon’s knife.


So to lift my spirit some, I engaged in a little retail therapy and bought myself a

new tea shirt. My nose was directed to it in a shop window, by a friend… I think !!!

Enter the aging rocker !!!




All I need is a pony tail a earing or two and a bottle of Jack  🙂

Oh… and a Joint   !!!  

As if  😉

 Where is my Little Rabbit ?

11 responses to “Baby Polar Bear !!!

  1. Yes The Ageing Rocker Indeed, BTW – That’s Definitely A WICKED ‘T’ Shirt… Now If You Are The Ageing Rocker, I Wonder Where That Put Me In This Line Of Thinking. Of Course As You Have Already Pointed Out, Us Vampire Types Just Never Age So I Guess Timeless Is Certainly An Advantage Is It Not?

    Well, Depending On What Year It Happens To Be I Guess? For Instance in the Year 1420 the Look Was Most Exquisite, By 1730 Just A Tad Bland but by the Time 1900 Appeared There was An Astonishing Revamp and Everything Looked Ghoul Again, Cool Too… Anyway In the 21st Century Ageing Rockers, Vampires, Teddy Boys, Punks and ABBA Fanatics Are All Accepted So No Problemo, As They Say These Days…

    Did I Mention Your WICKED ‘T’ Shirt? lol Have A Fine Rest of Evening Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch and Let Us ALL Hope That The Aforementioned Chemo Was Directed To The Right Coordinates and That Everything Is Going To Plan… Be Very Well Now My Great Friend… Androgoth


    • I am forever in blue jeans my friend, or naked lol yes it is a special T shirt, specially imported from amerakie !!! I shall see my consultant next week, hopefully things will have improved. be well Androgoth.


  2. helllllloooo Kenny……wow luv the t.shirt……cool……………hey you gotta keep smilin and be will all come right in the end,,,,,lets just hope it gets better really quick………keep in touch…..and if ya want the calls again you only gotta ask……hugs xxx susiee xxx


  3. Kenny, pssst, pssst, you doll. I saw you came by my blogspot :D and loved the message you left, lol. Kenny and Kilroy, 2 of a kind, hahaha. Love ya for it. xoxoxo


  4. It didn’t solve all our problems by a long chalk but it made a big dent in the quantity of ‘unknown’ we were also able to get a personalised aromatherapy aid to help Robin sleep and offered a choice of free complimentary therapies. I think Robin’s only regret was that he didn’t go there when he had his first cancer


  5. Kenny – we went to the nurse advisor here in person, we were handed tea and biscuits not leaflets and had a very reassuring one one chat with someone who could explain everything and went away and chased up the information we didn’t have.


  6. PT 2: They just sit and wait until it’s ok to say I love you to you again. By the way, I have a friend that had that stone blasting thing done and he sat in a tub of water while the sound waves blasted the stones to little tiny sands that could be passed easily. He never felt a thing, so keep the faith, sweets. We’re all pulling for you <MUAH>


  7. PT 1: Ooooo, who’s the babe? Wow, it’s Kenny! You’re still a sweetheart no matter what. Just a reminder that I think of you every day and keep you in my prayers as well. As for worrying about your friend’s feelings, don’t Kenny, altho it’s nice of you. Any true friend "knows" and understands when times get rough and NEVER take moody words to heart.


  8. Suki My little rabbit is all in a stew…. and warm hugs and love to you Suki, you lovely person you xSarahI do appreciate your help but I feel that I have had enough of being handed leaflets etc. all the help and support i need i get from the good people on here. people like yourself. x


  9. Your looking good Kenny and the T shirt suits you goes with your blue eyes!! …I did say you should not have cut your hair if you still want to be a Rocker!Where is your rabbit? maybe it is running around in the Wildwood if I find it I will send it home to you with warm hugs and lots of love!Suki x


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