She bangs the drum !


From the inky blackness of a silent night

your image appears within a dreaming moment.

I call your name alas the words fall,

like dead things to the ground.

You see me not, you are deaf.


Who’s blood is my blood

who’s eyes are my eyes

who’s dreams are my dreams.

You who are so distant

in a world of frozen tears.


I reach out to touch your face

but you had gone

ending this pitiful night

with a wish.



2 responses to “Lisa.

  1. I like Lisa’s poem very much Kenny. In todays global community It is not uncommon for those of our blood and linage to be so distant that the divide appears to be too wide to traverse. When we are apart we exist in a state of want and feel grief, hence the frozen tears. We do not cry because in amongst all of this, we know that they live through us.Wonderful work Kenny, coupled with your unique artistic imagery.


  2. Beautifully creative imagery…and the words in themselves also create images all of their own, capturing the imagination… Timid one :)


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