The spirit of Eric.


 Eric just before he died.


Some years ago I owned a mountain of a G.S.D. named Eric. He was a massive example of what I call a “true” G.S.D. I have owned G.S.Ds. all my life, so too my farther and my Grandfather (SGT. Hurricane Hutch) before him. He possessed  the most wonderful temperament I have ever witnessed in a dog. One day in particular Eric and I were walking along our regular path, by the side of the beck that runs parallel with the estate were I live.

I noticed that a class from the local school was walking toward me, some 20 or more strong, they were I guessed enjoying a Nature walk. Predicting a possible dangerous confrontation with this large group of children and wishing to avoid any regrettable mishaps. I called Eric to me, placed him on the lead and moved away from the bank of the beck.  I noticed that the teacher who was with the children had seen me and sensed she also was concerned for the children. When suddenly the whole group made a mad dash for Eric and I. Fearing the worst and wishing to avoid any trouble, I took hold of Eric’s collar with my left hand and placed myself between him and the oncoming hoard of the now charging children. Speaking softly to him words with  a calming influence, he understood we were not in any danger from this army of loose and excited juveniles.

As they approached to within a few meter’s, one of the children asked “what’s his name”? another “does he bite”?another “is he a police dog” ? I spoke softly answering their questions in a calm voice. The bravest among them walked causally up and stroked Eric on his head, Eric did not blink he just stood there like a rock.   Seeing that the brave youngster had not been eaten alive, the remaining children  gathered around Eric and I. Soon their hands were all over him like a rash. Still he stood motionless unconcerned that he was being mobbed, he just new that all was well.  The teacher arrived slightly out of breath and expressed her apology for the children’s behaviour. We spoke for a minute or so while the children continued with there adoration of Eric.  The teacher then shepherding the children away, from what she thought was a dangerous situation, bid Eric and I goodbye, with eyes wide open as if she had just avoided a blood bath. How wrong she was.

I was so so proud of Eric that on the way home, I called into the local shop and bought him a steak and kidney pie and allowed him to eat it immediately. That was just one occasion that Eric gave me good reason to be proud of him. There were many other times too but they are for another post. Although he was a gentle and peaceful dog, he could fight.

Eric began to fail at 12 years old and it broke my heart into pieces, when the vet said that there was no more he could do for him. I was crushed to the ground and I wept like a child. It was some weeks later when I decided to dismantle his kennel and burn it. While the fire was ablaze, I thought it looked quite dramatic as the flames shot up into the night sky. So, I took a couple of snaps of it with my old camera. It was not until a few weeks later, when I had the pictures developed, that I saw what you are looking at now.   A perfect image of a G.S.Ds. head. When I saw this, the hackles raised on the back of my neck, and a shivering wave passed through my whole being.  I was amazed at what I was seeing. I just could not believe it. But it was there right before my very eyes. “The spirit of Eric” saying goodbye to me among the flickering flames. Simply amazing !!!

This is not one of my jokes, it is a truely genuine picture and has not been tweeked in ANY way whatsoever.


 They say that there is no such thing as perfection. But to me, Eric was the personification of perfection.

I miss him to this day. A once in a life time dog.

“Cherno” is different, although he is a friendly dog, one just does not mess with him.

If you get my meaning  !!! 



 Some of you may have seen these pictures before. But I make no apologies for resurrecting this old post and adding to it.

Perhaps it is because I have been dreaming of the past so much today.





18 responses to “The spirit of Eric.

  1. I truly believe and know that our animal spirits go on just as we do.. and he was showing you that as you let him go, he is with you even to this day.. forever united in that bond of love..
    Love your site.. and have subscribed to hear more tales of the bond we all share..


  2. Hey Kenny! How cool is this twinkly background and the new header graphic! Yeeeee Haawwwwww! 😉 And I do like that summary of my Timid Icewolfie self on your “Friends” links lol 😉 Oh yea…be sure to watch out for that Vampire bat on the washing line tonight! And don’t let it in!!! 😉 Timid one 🙂


  3. Hello!
    Was really happy for a new meeting in cyberspace.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog.
    I like your space, beautifully depicted on your trusty dog.
    Will check back to you again.
    Have a nice day! / Hugs Ann


  4. OOOO I like this background, Kenny. Dropping by to bring smiles from an ol’ Hippie Chick.
    Peace, love and patchouli oil forever,


    • Hi Leyla.
      I am trying to navigate through this sea of colours/numbers/buttons and countless choices ! “OH” the joys 🙂 But I think I am arriving close to where I wish to be. Hope you are having much fun up there in the Rocky Mountains. Seen any Moose lately ?


  5. Kenny, you are clearly having fun in wordpress. I am amazed at all your new effects.
    take care,


  6. Im with you Kenny…the bond between man and animal is quite amazing.
    Take care


  7. Hi Kenny,

    Thank you for your post on my page.

    This is a beautiful and sad story of Eric and yourself.

    I am of the opinion that if we would sit down for a couple of beers, talking about our Dogs, we would both end up in a river of tears ! I admit that I have wept more for my Dogs than for my Parents !

    Cheers, Mate !


  8. Dear Grandson of SGT. Hurricane Hutch… 🙂
    I read this from my dashboard earlier today, didn’t have time to give a proper comment, so clicked like. Which when I am on Facebook annoys me. I know such a brat…
    This is a wonderful testiment to Eric, those of us who love and care for the Canines can understand. This was a smart and loyal creature who knew you well. Sad he is gone now.
    When I lost my dog Mitzi I was brought me to my knees…
    Thanks for sharing this warm tribute to Eric.


  9. I’m not late getting here! I save the best for last! 😉 A beautiful post written with the depth and feeling that comes only from the deep places of the heart…the unbreakable bond between man and his best friend and most treasured of K9 companions shines through in this post, touching also the heart of the reader.

    A fine and noble a K9 companion as Eric was, is indeed a “once in a lifetime dog” and even as Eric’s spirit bid you farewell so also, and without doubt, does it walk always in your heart. The unseen shadow forever at your side. A beautiful and special post to share with us…Timid one 🙂


  10. thats a lovely story kenny i lost my german shepherd called fritz just over a year and half ago now he was a dog i rescued off a bad owner at four months old he was a brilliant dog i was heartbroken too but he had eight yrs of fun and holidays before he got liver failure which is common in this breed he is now at rest in my back garden but i have his bossy wife heidi lol i adore these dogs xxjen


  11. This is a most delightful posting showing the bond between ourselves and our pets, in reading this excellent story of your best friend Eric I can see and feel the bonding you shared and although his passing is still very strong within your heart, his memory lives on in you forever.

    With each strand of a life’s Magical Journey the true wonders that we as human beings encounter in this Adventure that is Life adds to the beauty of each experience, a wondrously fine example of togetherness is here within this posting, the love generated through the knowing of Eric will be everlasting my wicked friend…

    Yes I can see his face in the flames, I guess that you are correct and it is his Spirit calling to you… Be well Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch, and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful Adventures… Androgoth


    • Yes Androgoth, you the lover of the written word.
      The bond between man and beast can be as powerful / unbreakable as that which is is forged between a man and his children. I recall a tragic accident where a man jumped into a raging river to save his dog from certain death. “Both perished” A poignant example of this sacred bond.

      I apologize if the title of this post leads anyone to think that I believe in “spiritualism” Yes I can be something of a romancer at times and my imagination can run riot. But mostly, I am where it’s at !!!
      Be well Androgoth, you of the bloodstaind Kerchief 🙂


      • I really like the changes that you have made here Kenny, this background for instance is absolutely awesome and definitely enhances your pages. You know, I too have heard stories of humans that go the extra mile for their pets, you’re right they are family to us and we will certainly do everything in our power to keep them safe, even when something is life threatening. Have a most enjoyable Wednesday Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch… Androgoth


  12. Kenny, this is a memory so beautifully written. There are many incidences in life that we are unable to comprehend and Eric’s apparition in the flames is one. I had a similiar occurance a few years back and the experience made me re-evaluate my beliefs.

    I also feel that some humans need re educating in their understanding of dogs like Cherno and Eric, they may be direct descendants from the wolf but it does not make them killer creatures. The domestic canine only reverts to savagery after a process of prolonged conditioning.


    • Some Humans need re edumacating in their understanding of Humans.
      I have no intentions of re evaluating “my” beliefs, because a puff of smoke resembles a dog’s head.
      Now if that puff of smoke had barked at me, then that would be another matter.


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