Rocky Mountain Mama.


This picture is for our new friend here on W/P  Raven of Leyla Please give her a visit. Leyla lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Leyla loves Nature, follows Nature and indeed has a great sence of humour. I feel sure Leyla would just love to meet you all. 

“Deep peace to all who enter here”



9 responses to “RAVEN

  1. Awwwh…such sweet and kind words from you all. I am made speechless…hope you know that doesn’t happen often…LOL.
    Warm fluffy hugs,


  2. You know I must say you are too kind…and very thoughtful.
    I been wondering if you might email me a copy of this beautiful graphic. I would like have it …I would give you credit for it, of course.
    Enjoy my dear friend…enjoy.


  3. Jen.
    Yes, Raven is a great fun friend. I like her humour and her love for Nature. Two qualities I like in person.
    Within everyone there exists a latent desire to be a little naughty sometimes.
    Pleased you liked the pic. You live in such a beautiful part of the World, I am envious. The post is intended to direct a little traffic your way.
    Hope it helps. Mwwwah 🙂
    Thank you for those wonderful words. You are most welcome to visit my humble blog. You write very good English 🙂
    Take care Nicki.


  4. Thanks Kenny 🙂
    If you see a sunset..
    It’s me smiling.. From behind it..
    If I go away far and you see a star..
    If you find it..I’m inside it..
    You can fold it and hold it forever..
    If you can hide it..
    Remember me..Here and in Heaven..
    I’ll see you..
    Have A Nice Weekend..


  5. Dear Kenny 2dogs,
    This is such a beautiful graphic…it is my dream! I like the Eagles and Wolf they are my friends here, the way the Moons, stars and landscape are so magical. You do such wonderful work also the colouring is very Piscean. You honour me…glad you are my friend.
    Warm feathery hugs,
    Ravenxox….aka Leyla 🙂


  6. Kenny, once again you outstand us all with your wondrously fine Artistry, this gift that you have created for Raven is absolutely fangtastic… Be well my great friend… Androgoth VvvV (Fangs) lol


  7. Yes I Agree, Raven Is Certainly A Fine Feathery Friend To Have Here In WordPress, Full of Fun, A Tad Naughty, Wicked, Cheeky (In A Nice Way), A Fangtastic Story Teller, Creek Dweller (Just Toe Dipping), Jovial, Did I Mention Naughty? lol Put It This Way You Won’t Regret Visiting Her, So… Get On With It, Do It Right Now… Androgoth XXx


    • All day I have been thinking there is something wrong with the picture. I have just realised what ! there is no Raven LOL Have a pleasant evening your good self Androgoth 🙂


  8. so you have aqainted our raven kenny your right a sweet cookie or a plucky rocky bun lol either way shes a great friend on here to have ROCK ON RAVEN xx


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