My favourite charity.

A tried and trusted friend of mine posted this story to me tonight.

Some may know her as my dog loving buddy.

A lady possesing the most highest of characters.

This is what she wrote.







Daisy, a pretty 11 month old Staffy X knows that animal charities are always asking for your help but she hopes that you will take a few minutes, perhaps with a cup of tea and a biscuit, to read her story.


Hi, I’m Daisy, I’m pretty, clever and well behaved, well most of the time! I don’t know how I ended up in the dog pound but I did. My neighbours, both old dogs and young pups, all forgotten, all unwanted just like myself. We all await our fate in the lottery of life, re-homed, rescue or euthanasia? I was one of the lucky ones cos the ladies from BeeJay Dog Rescue took me in.

The thing is, I have a problem with my skin, it’s all sort of bobbly and lumpy and in places feels a bit like sandpaper. It doesn’t itch, it’s just odd. I was taken to a special vet who likes looking at skin. She took some photo’s which she shared with lots of her vet friends. Apparently I am the only one with what they call Hyperkeratosis. It is mega rare and usually affects Labradors, not Staffies, so that makes me mega special. There is no cure as yet, but I have creams and baths and pills which the charity raise funds and pay for and will continue to pay for as long as need be.

So ladies and gents, from the bottom of my heart can I ask if anyone out there will give me a chance? A loving home where I can put my suitcase in the loft would be wonderful, or a long term foster home would also make my dreams come true. All I need is someone to play with and stuff to eat. Before I go I would also like to appeal for donations to help BeeJay Dog Rescue continue funding my treatment and also help other dogs as well. In return I’d promise lots of love and fun, I’ll be a good girl, honest!

With paws crossed and hopes held high, please ring my friend Jane on 01302 751829/0766586720. If you are kind enough to donate towards my medication please post to BeeJay Dog Rescue, 3, Cumberland Close, Bircotes, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN11 8BU. We don’t have a website as yet but you can find me on Dunroamin-k9rescue’s re-homing age.

Thank you.


If anyone should read this and feels they would like to help. Then that would be wonderful.

“Thank you”


7 responses to “My favourite charity.

  1. thank you for the comment dear friend…
    wish you a great time. shiva xx


  2. Hello!
    You do a good work with the animals.
    take care
    Hugs Ann


  3. She really does look very appealing I am sure someone will give her a good home soon

    Thinking of you Kenny all the positive vibes are coming your way

    Love Suki x xxx


  4. animals… trusting, so loving, so faithful….


  5. Oh such a touching story! I too love dogs very much…all my animals have come from shelters. I am the lucky one here.
    I hope for Daisy to find a good home she is a cute little one.


  6. i do hope she gets a good home if she hasnt already i got my heidi from a rescue centre in york she has a great life now and lives it to the full xxjen


  7. I hope this helps Jo. Keep up the good work, you lovely person you.


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