Androgoth caught the Moon.

My my it's hot in here  :)


Sometimes things occur by happy accident. Flemming and penicillin springs to mind. Such an occurrence happened with this picture  ( not the one above) You shall note the “Moon” that “escaped me” has by shear chance  appeared in the widget, and becomes the background.

If I had placed the Moon any where else in the picture, then this would not have happened. Indeed If I had placed the “widget” in any other position in the “side bar” it would not have happened.

It was not until Androgoth commented on the “6 month” old post that I noticed the alignment.  “how nice ” I thought.

We are not talking about “signs” or subliminal messages sent by spirits swishing. No, it is but “serendipity”  Thank you Androgoth my friend for commenting on that particular post. If you had not , and because the post is so old, I most likely would not have noticed it.

The thing is, I typed the words. “i plucked the twinkle from the twilight, but the Moon escaped me” only 2 days ago.  But Androgoth caught it for me. With his comment.    It is the “2 day” old words in the widget   and the alignment of the 6 month old Moon with them, that makes this a special page for me.  I love little moments of magic like that.

If one click’s my Profile pic. At the top of the sidebar. you shall see the image as it was intended to be viwed.  

Have a wonderful weekend all.


10 responses to ““SERENDIPITY”

  1. Where do I start to open a blog.
    Hope you have me email so you can maybe help. Hope all is going well and the new part is coming soon.


  2. Hi Kenny , Nice to catch up with you and with Donna. I find it so hard to get around here . It seems difficult. Wanted to say hi and will visit again.


  3. Well take it off silly!!! Do you wear your skivies under all that armor? It would start to rub a Knightly Noble (such as yourself) in those places. 🙂
    I did appreciate the Serendipity of the Moon and Stars. I thought it was one of those magical kind of moments in life that happens now and then. Rather cool…and I believe…I do I do I do!!!


  4. Well…dingle my berries Sir Kenny 2dogs…oh dear me I have done it again. I am off the wall for certain on my way to the Tipi for the Lost Tribe of Touched not enough by the Great Spirit. LOL…
    Take the helmet off and have a nice weekend.
    I may need to go away for a while now….tata xox


  5. I have once again stumbled upon a most wonderful posting, not because it includes myself, I think that there are many moments that happen by chance, a winding path that is sometimes oblique, leaning towards the positivity of an idea, a stream of thought, the very essence of life that is often misunderstood, and yet, how a possibility can become a probability, how the odds are stacked, not always in our favour you understand, nothing is that precise…
    The never-ending options, the likelihood of a given moment, like ships that are said to pass in the night when love is almost grasped and then lost in an instance, the ebb and flow of the ever changing tides, the shifting of the Moon, the infinite Stars and Planets on their axis, in fact all things…
    The wonder of an instant, a split-second… Chance, and yet one can also be at ease with simplicity, and in the flash of an artist’s brilliance, a canvas that can behold many alternatives, like a multifaceted strand of light that casts silhouetted images in between the radiance, or are they just fractures of luminescence tricking the senses, creating optical illusions and fantasies of the inner thought processes… just by chance perhaps?
    I really like this one Kenny as it allows one to breathe, feel the equilibrium, the symmetry of life… chance is indeed a marvellous interaction, interfacing with the wonders of time… Androgoth


  6. Hi Kenny, thanks for visiting. sorry my English…still learning…”L”


  7. How intriguing…sounds like some kind of astrological alignment! lol…Timid one 🙂


  8. This graphic is fitting a Knight to remember indeed! Andro is one of the remarkable kind…the Noble Vampire 😉


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