4 weeks since Transplant.

It has been one month since I received my new Liver and I have been home now for 2 weeks. Eating quite well and over the past week I have gained 1.5 k. I now weigh in at 74-5 k.  My fighting weight is 85 k. So there is a great deal of eating to be done.

Although I have been keeping myself clean with wash downs, I have only recently been allowed to bathe fully.  “Shock horror”… when I saw myself naked in the mirror   “oh dear me”   My backside has disappeared, I can span my thigh with two hands and my ribs are standing proud. (don’t know if “proud” is the correct terminology here)  I look like an emaciated dog. Well that is in my opinion, as I am used to seeing myself with a good and healthy covering of rippling flesh. However, learning that I had gained a little wight over the past week, was most heartening.

On the downside,  I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This is a whole new experience for me. I am no fool but then neither am I an expert on diabetes and the regimes that it involves. My pool of knowledge regarding the subject, is but a very small puddle of murky water.  But I have learned much from reading e/mails sent from your friend and mine. The Lady of the Cape.  “Curious Kate”   Her e/mails were most enlightening. Thank you Kate. To the end of the World , you are a shining example of kindness.


Today dawned, the gales had abated and not a cloud in the sky. A wonderful crisp/clear Autumn morning. I had not been out of the house walking, since before i had my transplant.  I have been sat under house arrest it seemed, day after day licking my wounds.

Around 11am Dave  an old friend of many many years standing called. He asked if I would like to go for a drive out somewhere. I nearly bit his hand off  🙂

So throwing some warm clothes on, we were soon heading for the hills. the Cleveland hills that is. To the lovely village of Great Ayton.  I have many memories associated the place. A beautiful place with the most tastiest of Ice cream.   “Yes I know it has sugar in it, But flaming hells fire damn it, it was my Holliday out.  Today has been a good day The first of many more to come, I trust. I am recovering slowly but surely, and one fine day I shall be a none smoker. “Or is that just another impossible dream.  We shall see   🙂



Dave is a clever man and I like him. He always knows wich way the wind is blowing.




I could feel the warmth of the sun kissing my cheek and it was nice.

Until the next time. 

Kenny  🙂


22 responses to “4 weeks since Transplant.

  1. A new liver eh, ohh you are a lucky boy, here’s hoping you have a speedy recovery my friend and thanks for toddling on by my spot, I’ll be back xxxxx


  2. First I like this Ride On tune…beautiful, my friend.
    You are looking good and I see color on your face and a sparkle in your eyes!!! Wonderful you have gotten around to feeling good enough to be off for a drive and sitting by the river. New beginnings for you here Kenny. I say you may be surprised how well you get to feeling …remember “the Power in the seeing is Believing!!!” (jim barrie-PeterPan) I BELIEVE in you dear Kennyxx


  3. Hi Kenny glad to see you looking so good, up and about out on the town too! Don’t go much on Kilos but I recon that you are just under 12 stone well thats not bat a few steaks and a couple of full English breakfasts a couple of times a week not to mention trout from the freezer (got any left)? You are doing fine keep it up

    Love Susan


  4. Your looking good Kenny glad to see you are up and about, Don’t know much about kilos but I recon you are just under 12 stone, well thats not bad! A few good Bison steaks for lunch , a good full English a few times a week should see you putting the weight back on and feeling stronger.

    Anyway keep up the good work

    love Susan x


  5. I really cannt believe how long its taken to be able to make a comment…. !!!!!!!!!! wordpress? crappress is a more descriptive of the last 5 minutes…. I was only trying to say that I have NOT got a giraffes kneck so I still cannot see my enormous derriere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I give up cancel previous entry …. pleeeeese


  6. Hi Kenny, just dropping in and it good to see you looking so well after only 4weeks, Each day I have no doubt you will gain strength and your weight back… I agree with others here about not trying to do too much and you will stop smoking when the time is right.. My Hubby was a heavy smoker for 30yrs starting age 13 to a 40+ aday man… and once he’d said enoughs enough and his mind was made up, he didnt touch another .. Thats the Key, you have to have your mind made up and your will power will follow through naturally…. The Best of continued Good health to you Kenny ~Dreamwalker.


    • hello Dreamwalker.
      hard to believe that after just 4 weeks I am good enough to go for a drive out. I felt sure I would still have been in hospital But I do believe I shall not achieve the same level of fitness that I was carrying before my cancer. Although I have heard that some return to work.
      Come Springtime I hope to be resembling something akin to my previous self. I shall adapt to my new existence and in time I shall be me again, and “him” who ever he be !!!
      RE: smoking… you must be quite proud of your Hubby. My mind “is” made up, but the will is wanting.
      take care Dreamwalker ~ Kenny2dogs 🙂


  7. Hey Kenny looking good!! Ok so you think you look like an emaciated dog but no worries, Timid one will soon hunt down enough fattening bisons…elks…and Sunday roasts to ensure you return very rapidly to your former rippling glory 🙂 Only 4 weeks since the transplant and look how far you’ve come already! It’s wonderful to see you doing so well and it’s great that you’ve been able to get out in the fresh air again for the first time since the transplant. Keep going from strength to strength Kenny …it is amazing to see you back and lovely to find you here on your blog page too. Timid one is smiling most happily all the way from one wolfie ear to the other!
    Timid one x 🙂


    • Hi Timid one.
      A leg of Bison in the freezer would be fine thank you .
      I can only sit at the comp for 20 mins or so, then my brain cell begins to float around my skull, in slow motion mode and I start to feel groggy. But yes things are going good, much better than i imagined.
      Take care Timid one.


  8. Hi Kenny,

    I am very glad to read your blog after your liver transplant. I wish you a still speedy continued recovery, and do not worry about your back side, the flesh will soon grow to your satisfaction.

    Glad you mention the Lady of the Cape. She has so much motherly feelings.

    God bless and enjoy the week ahead.



  9. Lovely to see you posting again Kenny and it is good to know that you are feeling a lot better. As for the emails…I’m pleased that I could add some value to your immediate needs.
    Take care and be well.


  10. It is indeed very nice to see you blogging here once again and thinking positively as always, and as for your next Quest of giving up on the smoking, well, one thing at a time my great friend, get your strength back and then you may Conquer the World…

    Anything and everything can happen if you can reach out and touch on a Dream, I wish you very well in the days, weeks, months and years ahead… Your friend in Time and Space…



    • You are quite correct Androgoth. I shall delay my attempt to stop smoking until I am stronger, in the Spring perhaps.

      It may be my greatest desire, to dispense with tobacco. But the actual success of that desire to shine through, takes more than I have to offer. Just yet !!!


  11. Kenny! You look absolutely MAH-VEL-OUSSSSSS, DAHLINGGGG! I especially like the closeup shot of you with that winning smile of yours. Boy, it’s good to see that again 😀
    Your weigh will come back gradually but I know it’s sort of a shock at the moment. Buy a new robe, a big, thick, bulky one and tie it around you and look double your size, guaranteed. In fact, I’ll send you mine, lol. Do you mind pink?
    Now to the smoking, oh yeah, I knowwww. I smoked for 45 yrs, a pack to a pack and half every day, and then 2 yrs ago the prices started climbing so much I had to seriously ask myself if I was going to continue to pay. Note that I didn’t say a thing about health, it was money. Anyway, I set a time (11:30pm) on a particular day (when I knew I’d finish that carton and not “waste it” you know) and at that time on the clock I was sitting at my computer and actually doing a new blog. I said to myself, “Ok, this is it, I can do it”, and I smoked that last sucker all the way through the filter. I sat back and thought that was easy. 30 min later I wanted a cig. 2 hrs later and I was climbing the wall. The next day I was looking for humans to kill, lol. Anyway, it was the WORST and hardest thing I ever did and it took months and months to even get a grip, but I did it. I still have times where I really, really want a cigarette, but I wait it out and the craving goes away. 2 yrs smoke free, clean and sweet smelling, and richer. Only problem is, now I can’t breathe. What’s up with that? I never had that problem before. Only goes to show you, no good deed goes unpunished.
    Ok, sweetie, I wrote you an entire blog book here, so I’m signing off, but I am SO happy to see you back and it just…why, it just makes my day!
    XOXOXO from your old friend JennyD


    • Hi Jenny…. RE: pink robe. I dread to think what people would think. lol
      You have displayed great will power to have stopped smoking. yes you are a strong and determined lady.

      take care my friend and be well. xxx


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