More popular than God.


16 responses to “R.I.P.

  1. A tragic end to a life a man who brought pleasure to millions with his music, a very fitting tribute kenny

    Suki x


  2. The Beatles – one of Britain’s remarkable contributions to man and womankind. Such talent, delight and joy in life, gentleness. We miss them!
    Good wishes to you, Monica


  3. Yes a Sad day when he was taken back home, and I remember the day well when I heard the news… His Spirit lives on in his music and lyrics and the image you have created here Kenny is a fitting tribute to a man who many worshiped .. and still do.. Dreamwalker 🙂


  4. John was my favorite of all the Beatles and when he went out on his own, I was thrilled. What a talent he had and what a loss with his death. I’m so lucky to have more than a dozen of his albums and wish I had them all.


  5. An Interesting Concept Me Thinks?
    I Too Like Your Graphic and Watch
    The Comments For This One… You
    Know I Did Think that There Would
    Be Many More, Perhaps There Will
    Be My Great Friend… Thank You For
    Calling Into My Gothic Realm… My
    Sweet Jen Has A Stinking Cold But I
    Am Looking After Her… Be Well Now
    Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch…



  6. i dont think john lennon was so great he was humorous entertaining a peaceful man but nothing world changing just a tragic life lost for no reason but just another entertainer and now an ex beatle anyway its just my opinion and i guess thats what your encouraging have a good weekend kenny hope your feeling stronger and keeping warm ive got a cold so off to bed next sniffle xxjen


  7. Hi Kenny,

    We miss John. Now we imagine ……. Life is sometimes unfair.



  8. WAy cool my friend….I really like this graphic you’ve done of our remarkable John Lennon. LOL.
    I recall that day, my son asked who the man on TV was that died I looked and I seen John’s story being told and I wept. He made a difference in this world of ours…of mine.
    To all who still IMAGINE… may we always believe xox


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