Fish fight


You may or may not be aware that a friend of mine and I take to the sea, in search of the Cod ! However, we have not been out for a long time now, because of my transplant, and now Terry is layed up because of his own operation for his varicose veins, which have now become infected. So I imagin it shall be quite a while until we can get out. Just goes to show, we can be riding on the crest of a wave one minuet, the next we are both cought in a rip tide, so to speak. Such is life I guess.




Some may be aware that the fish stocks in the North Sea are down. Yet Millions of ton’s of prime choice Cod is being cast back into the sea “dead”. This is called “discard ”  I call it bloody insanity  !!!


The Fish Fight Petition is Winning Nine Thousand People Signatures Every Hour – see Video

This is incredible folks, every hour over nine thousand people are signing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight petition. This shows the strength of feeling there is against the ridiculous, no scandalous, EU legislation that forces fishermen to kill and throw back into the sea perfectly good, edible fish.

As a measure of population outrage 9,000 signatures per hour is convincing.

There are problems that need to be overcome. There are attitudes amongst EU legislators who believe that the problem is insoluble that must be changed! Out eating habits need to alter slightly.

The worst point is that more than half of all our ever-depleating stocks of fish that are caught in the North Sea are thrown back into the sea, dead.

Now Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall has started a campaign to get ordinary people like you and me, who are appalled by this ridiculous and wasteful situation, to take up our cudgels against the EU legislators and get them to change a stupid law.

 Click this link and go sign the petition at Fish Fight.



12 responses to “Fish fight

  1. I’m not an EU citizen. Can I still sign the petition? (I did live in England for two years, so part of me feels like I’m still living in the EU…:-)


    • Well yes you can still sign the petition Rita. Just click the link and select your country. ( united states) and Bob’s your uncle 🙂 It would help towards bringing this craziness to an end. Thank you Rita.


  2. You’re not blogging too often my great friend, so how are you getting along in 2011 I hope you are feeling better each day and looking forward to some summer wickedness… Yes it’s still winter but there are glimpses of sunnier climbs, well hints of then… lol Keep pushing the envelope of healthiness my wicked friend, and you will be enjoying yourself again very soon… Be well now Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch and keep adding to your Space…



  3. hi kenny hope your better and can get out sea fishing this summer my bro used to fish off redcar hes a keen fisherman both sea and river ive fished at croft before with an ex a long time ago very peaceful hobby xxjen


  4. Yes this law is insane.. depleting even more fish, by the very nature of disgard. I signed a petition last year over this, and Will gladly sign another.. The EU is full of such stupid laws of mindless individuals who get paid thousands of ounds of our hard earnt taxes, to sit in plush surroundings, while Fishermen risk life and limb everyday to throw dead fish back which would perfectly feed us..Can they not see, the seas will soon have no more fish if this practice is upheald.
    I hope you and your friend both recover to go deep sea fishing again together.. Something to Aim for Kenny in the Summer??? ..
    Take care of yourself… Great Blog.. Dreamwalker


  5. The EU do come up with some ridiculous laws.
    It is insane to do this to fish.
    Why kill them when they can produce more
    I’ll check out this petition


  6. What an outrageous criminal waste of both a valuable food source and aquatic life. Once again I wonder “Will we ever learn?”
    Poor Terry! I do hope he makes a speedy recovery…my best Timid one well wishes to him. And of course to yourself also. Timid one


  7. heardthis several times over the last 12 months, also the quote from a scots trawlerman defending the practise. No cod in the shops but arctic salmon and talipa from thialand in my supermarket – crazy !


  8. I’ve seen this on TV Kenny, and I find it appalling, jsut one more instance of this EU deciding what we do, whether or not it’s sensible. It’s time we came out of it. But that’s another rant.
    I hope you and your friend soon get back to good health and take up your hobbies again.


  9. Good to bring this information to peoples attention.


  10. What on earth! Kenny, that is insane! Even if the seas were overstocked, there would be no earthly good reason, or even right reason to KILL any fish and then throw it back! God, it’s like a horrible nightmare hearing about this. Good for linking the petition! I’m going there right after I leave here.
    I sure hope your friend’s legs heal. I know that must be horrible for him. Please tell him that the old lady across the pond sends her good thoughts his way. And you know, my dear friend, my BEST thoughts are always saved for you 😉 XOXOXO


  11. Such a metaphor, Kenny. You’ll be riding the crests again soon. Good job with the petition. Monica


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