BORN FREE., Updated: 31/01/2011 11:35
Bond composer Barry dies at 77

John Barry will be best remembered for his work on James Bond
James Bond composer John Barry has died aged 77, his family said.

Barry, originally from York, wrote scores for films including The Ipcress File, Zulu and Midnight Cowboy but is best known for his long association with 007.

A statement released by his family said: “It is with great sadness that the family of composer John Barry announce his passing on the 30th of January 2011 in New York.

“Mr Barry is survived by his wife of 33 years, Laurie, and his four children and five grandchildren.

“Funeral arrangements will be strictly private and a memorial service will be held later this year in the UK.”

Barry’s arrangement of Monty Norman’s James Bond theme made his name and he wrote songs for many of the films. Including Born Free.

He won five Oscars and was nominated another two times – but never for his work on Bond.

Fellow composer David Arnold, who took over Bond music duties from Barry, said he had “a heavy heart”.

He told fans on Twitter: “I am profoundly saddened by the news but profoundly thankful for everything he did for music and for me personally.”



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  1. Hello dear Kenny. have a marvelous,healthy and safe week , my deaer friend. Thanks for calling by and you comments. Take care ..goodnight/good day.


  2. Mornin’, Kenny! By now you’ve seen the offline and the email reply to you and figured out that I don’t know Sunday from Monday, or in this case, even Tuesday, sheesh. ALL day yesterday and the day before I was off an entire day. Now here it is Tuesday and it just boggled my mind.
    I loved the theme to Born Free — hehe, it was about cats and I know what a favorite they are of yours 😉 As for the Bond series, I thought I was the only one in the entire world that never got caught up in them. There was one I really liked, “Goldfinger”, just loved it, but that’s about it. Now, I have to say, Connery could really make me turn around twice, but somebody else over in the UK does the same. You might know him. I’ve heard he’s famous for his desserts.
    Ahhhh, your neuralgia is better! And you went into the city the other day! Wonderful news that is, Kenny, and right in time for Spring. Just think of all the glorious flowers, the warmer air, and that sweet Spring scent that’s on it’s way. You should paint it, and you should poem it. This coming Spring is just for you 🙂
    I’ll be back around soon, my friend. It’s time for my morning coffee~~
    Much love and good thoughts to you, XOXO


  3. You should add a Guestbook Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch and that way anyone calling by can add their well wishes there instead of here in your blog… I hope that you are feeling really good as you collect your many comments here, be very well now my wicked friend.



  4. came by to wish you a wonderful weekend ..wish you well and stay safe akways ~hugs~connie


  5. Yes a nice film that one Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch, actually I have only seen it the once, but would more than likely watch it again just for nostalgic reasons… Hope that you are well my great friend? BTW – The graphic you have created for this is brilliant… Be very well Kenny



    • Hi Androgoth. Yes I am feeling quite well, the Neuralgia is lifting. It is 3 month now since I was discharged from the Freemans, and I was in town for the first time today. I am rejoining the world, it has been a long recovery. Just hope I don’t catch the flu while I am enjoying my new found freedom.
      Take care Androgoth.


      • Yes just take small steps to begin with and as you grow stronger, there will be plenty of time to enjoy those sweeter things in life.

        It is good to know that you are gaining strength every day and that your positiveness is seeing you through this very hard and demanding time, you will soon be getting back to your good self Kenny so be patient, all will be well our wicked friend, it is a time thingy as they always say… Have a Ghoulishly frightening Friday evening with lashings of… Well whatever you like I guess? In moderation of course ; ) lol

        I am pleased that your Neuralgia has lifted, that alone can make one feel down in the dumps but you have braved it, Run the Gauntlet as it were and have surfaced with a most Positive edge… How Excellent.



  6. Coi-incidence, I’ve just watcvched a documentary on ch 5 on Joy and George Adamson and the Born Free story, magic, but Dances with Wolves was my John Barrie favourite. wonderful film.


  7. Thanks for your comment ..Have a good day .


  8. The theme to “jukebox Jury” was a ‘hit’ with me !!


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