£1 million for ‘world’s most expensive dog’

A Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy has become the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for almost £1 million.

£1m red Tibetan mastiff puppy

£1m red Tibetan mastiff puppy 
Malcolm Moore

By Malcolm Moore, Shanghai 11:59AM GMT 15 Mar 2011

Tibetan Mastiffs are huge and fierce guard dogs that have stood watch over nomad camps and monasteries on the Tibetan plateau for centuries.

They are thought to be one of the world’s oldest breeds, and legend has it that both Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha kept them.

More recently, however, they have become highly-prized status symbols for China’s new rich. The dogs are thought to be a pure “Chinese” breed and they are rarely found outside Tibet, giving them an exclusivity that other breeds cannot match.

Accordingly, prices have risen from around 5,000 yuan a puppy five years ago to the hundreds of thousands and even millions.

Big Splash, or “Hong Dong” in Chinese, is 11-months-old but already stands nearly three-feet-high at the shoulder and weighs more than 180lbs, according to his breeder, Lu Liang.

“He is a perfect specimen,” said Mr Lu, who runs the Tibetan Mastiff Garden in Laoshan, near the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao. “He has excellent genes and will be a good breeding dog. When I started in this business, ten years ago, I never thought we would see such a price.”

Mr Lu said the details of the sale were confidential, but revealed that the buyer, who payed 10 million yuan (£945,000), was a multi-millionaire coal baron from the north of China.

“I could see he loved the puppy, or I would not have sold him,” he added. “The buyer told me he thought he was a good investment. As a male dog, he can be hired out to other breeders for as much as 100,000 yuan a shot. He could recoup his money in just a couple of years.”

Mr Lu said Big Splash had been fed a diet of chicken and beef, spiced up with exotic Chinese delicacies such as sea cucumber and abalone.

“The price is justified,” he said. “We have spent a lot of money raising this dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay.”

Before the sale, the world’s most expensive dog was another Tibetan Mastiff, named Yangtze River Number Two, who was sold in 2009 for four million yuan.

Upon its arrival in the central city of Xi’an, Yangtze River Number Two was chauffeured to its new home by a motorcade of 30 black limousines, prompting widespread scorn at the tastelessness of some of China’s nouveau riche.





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  1. 2011:Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland. I don’t hear folk boycotting the purchase of cuckoo clocks or Swiss watches!


    • I would never wish to own a Cuckoo clock, there are enough Cuckoos on my f/b friends list and I have never worn a watch since my mum bought me a Hopalong Cassidy watch for my 16th birthday. You are a mine of information Laird, that is one of the reasons why I like you. I was unaware that the Swiss employ this disgusting habit, perhaps this is the reason why the ST. Bernard is becoming quite rare. I shall never eat Swiss cheese again now 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on ~~~ " KENNY 2 DOGS " ~~~ and commented:

    I have reblogged this for a reason, I would love one of these dogs. But I am not a millionaire, unfortunately !!!


  3. Hi Kenny, how are you? Sorry haven’t been round for a while, hope all is well. Wow… what a dog! Don’t think its my dad! How will I know… might be him! 🙂 Have a good Sunday. Mei


  4. I hope that your Friday is a tranquil and creative one, and as the weekend beckons, I hope that you will enjoy the peace also our great friend…



  5. He looks very huggable! But 1 million??! …Allegedly the Chinese usually eat only dogs raised specifically for meat (this is any less sick and barbaric?????) and they are slaughtered between the age of 6 and 12 months.On 26th January 2010 China launched its first draft proposal to protect the country’s animals from mistreatment including imprisoning people who eat dog for up to 15 days. (15 DAYS????!!!!)… Timid one 🙂


  6. “THEY EAT DOG’S THERE DON’T THEY ! ” Yes they do and with the impending world food shortage this ‘doggie’ may well become one of the worlds most expensive hamburgers.
    Take care lovely man


  7. Well, he’s a handsome fellow with a sweet face, but really! Looks too nice to be a guard dog. And then we get the true picture – they will hire him out for breeding. Can’t we just quit meddling?


  8. I was about to add what you’ve highlighted in red Kenny, but you beat me to it, I was going to say, I bet they won’t eat this one. LOL. My dogs haven’t cost a fraction of that, but I’ll bet my last ten pence that they’ve all been better loved and loving.


  9. Yes well some peeps just don’t know what to spend their money on these days it would seem, however I guess this handsome looking breed is a worthy purchase, but a million pounds does seem a tad rich don’t you think? lol Never mind though as there’s always a Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier to fall back on and at a fraction of the price too, now how about that for being thrifty? lol Have a great Wednesday now Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch and I am very pleased to see you posting again…

    Keep them coming young Sir…



  10. Some folks have more money than sense…. People never fail to amaze.. I hope that they make the most of their value of ”Money” as the Richer of this world think they have to bid, buy and get the ‘BEST’ …. But this world Kenny is in for a shock…. ‘Money’ is set to take a DIVE.. and the only thing that will be of Value soon, will be the well-being of this Planet. With out that and Mother Natures riches we have nothing,…
    ( WE CAN’T EAT MONEY CAN WE?) Peace…. to you Kenny


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