Super Nature !

I love life.

16 responses to “Super Nature !

  1. Hi Kenny, Yes wasnt that Super Moon something.. I think we are still feeling its effects.. Hope you are feeling SUPER too…. take care ~Dreamwalker~


  2. “HooOOOOooooOOWWWWWLLLLLLL!!!”~hope that has the desired effect 😉 ie ‘tingling mind and beating heart!’ After all…lol…nobody does it better than Timid one 🙂 Lovely wording and graphics…the Wildness and Inspiration of Nature! … Timid one 😉


  3. Dear Kenny, You have said it all, and so beautifully. And life loves you. Amen.


  4. Beautifully put Kenny
    Suki x


    • It just came out of my head in one go, about 5 minuets. Don’t know why it just did. 🙂
      The hardest part was creating the background and graphics. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did 🙂


  5. Your words of wisdom send a resounding message to all that reads this posting our great friend, a very well constructed piece of writing and I thank you for sharing your most personal thoughts with us…

    Be very well now



  6. my german shep heidi howls lke that sometimes but be the wildness in her but a gentle loving dog suffering a little with her hips now shes ten i love her so much be wel kenny xxjen


  7. What a lovely post Kenny, and so beautifully presented. I too love Nature with all it’s beauty and, yes, cruelty, as you can’t have one without comparison. But the saddest thing is as you say, what man is doing to her, but she will have her revenge no doubt of it.
    Keep well.
    Arlene X


  8. Hi Kenny,
    I am sure you are keeping well, blessed by Nature.
    We do not have wolves in Mauritius, but this sound is very beautiful. At night it should be different, I guess !
    I love Nature, too.
    Cheers !


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