Super Moon.

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

15 responses to “Super Moon.

  1. Stunning Moon Kenny. It was overcast here but so very light out that night. Just georgeous.


    • Hi Lisa. lovely to see you here, I hope all is well down on the ranch. Your photographs from Hawaii are fantastic.
      A place I would love to visit…oh well, one day perhaps 🙂 Take care Lisa and peace to you as ever ! xx


  2. Hello Kenny, just blog hopping and being nosey 🙂
    The supermoon was great to see, very bright and beautiful. lovely wolf howls btw 🙂
    Have a great week.
    Summer Breeze


    • Hello Summer. Thank you for your visit to my humble page. I have seen you around w/press and have visited your page a few times. You have created a lovely page and I shall visit you again.
      Peace Kenny !


  3. Lovely – and those howls!! Fantastic addition. We had clouds the evening of the 19th, but I got a good early-morning setting moon picture that day. Thanks so much for reminding us about it, Kenny.


  4. Good thinking! And a good shot of the moon, it was so bright very difficult to get detail,

    Suki x


  5. The Super Moon was indeed glorious to look at these past few days. Kept me awake too.
    Thanks for visiting my page,leaving a few comments, always lovely to hear from you….. and I trust you are feeling better.
    take care,


  6. Yes a Howlingly Wicked Posting
    Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch… Be Well Now



  7. Not a bad shot Kenny, it’s recognisable. :-))


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