Birth and Death !

 Stumbling down the stairs bleary eyed this morning, wondering what kind of day I was to have. As I entered the living room I noticed that something was amiss with Lucky my only golden fish. He is the last fish to survive from about 500 that had been born in the tank some 5 years ago.  He was  on the bottom of the tank among the blue gravel, gasping for oxygen, it was a sad sight.

Then I entered the kitchen feeling somewhat down, when I noticed the Morning Glory and Lupins that I had sown on wednesday had broken soil. This pleased me, but my mind quickly turned back to poor Lucky. So it is a bitter-sweet morning for me. The ” birth and death” syndrome . When something die’s something is born, ad infinitum  !!!



Long live Flowers, one of Natures finest gifts.


14 responses to “Birth and Death !

  1. I have had Mr Koi for a long, long time. At some point the time no doubt will come when I too will need to bid him farewell as you have done with lucky.
    Enjoy your new seedlings and keep us posted with photographs.
    Take care and be well
    Kate xxx


  2. sorry about your gold fish kenny i have a fish i named him dracula as he killed his two friends i put them in together he attacked them and now he is happy on his own very greedy too so he will be staying on his own nice to see the dafs out my fave flower have a happy summer kenny i saw a parmo in morrisons looked lovely but im dieting xxjen


  3. Sorry about your Goldfish Lucky
    Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch…

    Be Well Our Great Friend



  4. Thank you, dear friend, for your lovely thoughts. But you have NOT – I repeat NOT– come close to your allotted time. It still feels good to be grateful to wake up and see the sun. No question about it.


  5. Arrgh sorry to hear about Lucky..Its always a sad moment when anything that is living passes from this life… I keep tropical fish and we too lost one we had for about 4 yrs last month… and We lost 4 fish in our out door pond in the freezing Winter, and yet a tiny baby fish in the pond survived with 4 other adult fish.
    Pleased to see your flowers and shooting and growing, Life and Death the cycle of renewal… Spring and Winter, …
    Wishing you a wonderful Week Kenny, and hope that you too have a Spring in your step! ~Dreamwalker~


  6. Sorry about your beautiful fish Kenny. The new life is beautiful.
    Seems they go hand in hand today.
    Deep Peace


  7. Aww…poor Lucky 😦 He looks so sad in that photo. But life can thrive even in the midst of death…”I have walked in the land of wolves and seen life where there should have been none.” As your newly sown seeds show nature raises life in all it’s glory like the sun-fired phoenix rising from the ashes. Life’s peace, with it’s healing spring-time touch flow through you. And the call of the moon wolves offer calmness of mind and spirit. Peace my friend…Timid one.


  8. What a sweet and sad posting, Kenny. I’d say Lucky was just that – you gave him the perfect name. Birth and death – a large subject. If our loved ones can live their fully-allotted time, the pain is lessened. But not gone.


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