Sex & Coffee !

6 May 2011 Last updated at 00:04By James Gallagher

Health reporter, BBC News

Coffee linked to one in 10 burst blood vessels in the brain. Related Stories
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Coffee, sex and blowing your nose could increase the risk of a type of stroke, say researchers in the Netherlands.

The study on 250 patients identified eight risk factors linked to bleeding on the brain.

They all increase blood pressure which could result in blood vessels bursting, according to research published in the journal Stroke.

The Stroke Association said more research was needed to see if the triggers caused the rupture.

More than 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke each year with nearly 29,000 due to bleeding on the brain.

Bleeding can happen when a weakened blood vessel, known as a brain aneurysm, bursts. This can result in brain damage or death.

The researchers at the University Medical Center in Utrecht looked at 250 patients for three years to identify what triggers ruptures.

Caffeine danger

They found that coffee was responsible for more than one in 10 burst brain aneurysms.

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Percentage of bursts due to:
Coffee 10.6%
Vigorous exercise 7.9%
Nose blowing 5.4%
Sex 4.3%
Straining to defecate 3.6%
Drinking cola 3.5%
Being startled 2.7%
Being angry 1.3%

I know which one I shall “not” be avoiding, how about you ?

While people drinking coffee had only a 1.7 times greater risk, it is more common than other risk factors.

Being startled increased the risk by more than 23 times, but was responsible for just 2.7% of cases.

Dr Monique Vlak, a neurologist and the study’s lead author, said: “All of the triggers induce a sudden and short increase in blood pressure, which seems a possible common cause for aneurysmal rupture.”

Lower risk

The authors said one in 50 people has a brain aneurysm, but only a few rupture.

Dr Vlak advised that: “Reducing caffeine consumption or treating constipated patients with unruptured intracranial (brain) aneurysms with laxatives may lower the risk of subarachnoid haemorrhage.”

The study only looked at the triggers for the burst. High blood pressure weakens blood vessels in the first place and can be caused by being overweight, smoking and a lack of exercise.

Dr Sharlin Ahmed, Research Liaison Officer at The Stroke Association said: “A sudden surge in high blood pressure can increase the likelihood of an aneurysm rupturing. However, it’s very difficult to determine whether the triggers identified in this study are definitely related to the onset of a stroke as they could simply be put down to coincidence.

“A lot more research needs to be carried out to assess whether each of the identified triggers could directly cause an aneurysm to rupture.”

12 responses to “Sex & Coffee !

  1. Hey Kenny 2dogs,
    How are you my friend? Was a pleasure to see you in Ravenwood…howling as it was beautiful…flutes and drums…LOL
    BTW…I love coffee…it is near the only guilty pleasures I have left. II won’t give it up…no no no. To be honest I don’t drink alcohol much anymore…once or twice a year if that. I smoked for 25 yrs, quit 15 yrs ago…so what else is there?
    Coffee, good food, good sex and sleeping naked!!!
    Gotta go….oh behave you say? LMAO
    warm feathery,


  2. Blowing our nose isn’t safe? Oh dear….I won’t give up sex, coffee….. BUT I can pick it or could snort it all down….ewwwww LOL I am just saying.
    There are some compromises to consider. 🙂


  3. I shall continue drinking coffee and remain happily unmarried 😉


  4. hope your feeling better soon kenny xxjen lots of rain today i went to alston the air ambulance out a person had come of a horse so i was turned away from the farmhouse i went to visit just hope that the persons ok xx


  5. im not giving up coffee sex and certainly not using my sleeve lol xxjen hope your well kenny xxjen


  6. I think in the next life Kenny Im coming back as a Scientist.. the reason being they change their mind about everything under the Sun and STILL we believe them… LOL..
    Im just glad Im Not a Coffee drinker.. and the other well.. now.. ???? 🙂 😉


  7. Yes well don’t be giving up on the SEX or you really will be in trouble Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch, I guess that all those Coffee Drinking Nymphomaniac Workout Freak Sneezers will be adding up ALL the percentages but you know, I doubt if there will be any takers do you? lol

    Now what was it that Dr. Von Shag-Moooore-Nasty said? Ahhh yes… “It Is Much Better To Have It Off At Least Sixteen Times In One Evening, Rather Than To Miss Out And Just Eat Pork”…

    Of course nobody actually knows what he meant by that rather bizarre statement but let’s face it, if you’re having some, I mean getting a bit, I mean enjoying a nice night in… Then who cares what he meant? lol

    Kenny ease up on the Cola, don’t get Angry and if you DO happen to be startled then don’t let on that you are after Some, well just in case I mean? lol

    Be good now Sir Kenny2dogs Hutch…

    Androgoth ; )


  8. Hi Kenny, Something else to worry about, and blowing the nose gives such pleasure. Oh well – we’ll have to muddle along, as usual. I hope you are feeling fine –


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