None can escape the passed !!!

5 responses to “None can escape the passed !!!

  1. hallo mein neuer freund liebe deinen song verweile sehr gerne bei dir und deinen woelfen gute nacht big hug jasmin damaro


  2. I agree with this and the song is such a beautiful tune but the lyrics are taken to the heart for me too!
    I am reminded of another lyric to an old Steven Stills song:
    “Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now”
    Smiles, Rx


    • Hello Raven.
      I think all people think of the passed if only to escape their present. Perhaps it is just me being the old sentimentalist that I am 🙂 But I do like the song.
      take care my friend xx


  3. Hi Kenny, love this record.. Such a sad song.. We often forget the little things in life and take those we love for granted… We often dont say what we wanted to say and then wish we had, or we say things we didnt really mean and wish we hadn’t… And which ever way we look back…. those memories stay with us, They catch us up .. Like you I understand no-one can escape the past..
    But we can look towards the future for without the past and the lessons they brought we never grow and learn …. So heres to all our tomorrows Kenny, May our memories never fade, But let us remember all the Good Ones..
    Hugs to you ..~Dreamwalker


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