Nature doesn’t always get it right !

Two-headed snake enjoys first meal
A rare bicephalic albino snake has eaten for the first time
Posted by Ian Jones 22 November 2011 11:53
Late last month a two-headed albino Honduran milk snake hatched at the Sunshine Serpents conservation group in Florida.

Pictures of the unusual creature turned up in newspapers and online around the world.

Now the dual-headed slippery customer has tucked into its first ever snack: a baby mouse.

Owner of Sunshine Serpents and University of Central Florida biologist Daniel Parker said: “After hatching, baby snakes usually have a good reserve of yolk to last them for a while.

“Honduran milk snakes usually shed their skins around two weeks after hatching and are ready to feed after that.

“We were not exactly sure what was going on with this snake on the inside, but now we have a better idea,” Mr Parker added.

Two days after tucking into its first meal, the snake went through the digestive process: a significant event, as it suggests the creature is functioning normally.

However the bi-headed beast might soon have to rely on another source for its food.

Sunshine Serpents has decided to sell the snake. Offers above £16,000 ($25,000) will be considered.

It could be that whoever ends up owning the snake will be forking out for not extra one mouth but two.

4 responses to “Nature doesn’t always get it right !

  1. How can it eat with both heads? or does each head need to eat? Will one head be fighting the other for food? If one gets more will the other die of starvation? What a delemmer …..has PS been used here?

    Ever Cynical and sceptic!

    Suki x xx


  2. Saw this on the mobile internet and thought it was a plastic snake!! Silly Timid one 😉 I most definately did not enjoy the sight of the snake eating the mouse! Yes I know it’s natural to the snake…but Timid one is not a snake! That said the snake looks well…just hope it doesn’t end up in some sort of freak show or something equally horrible. I wish it well! Timid one 🙂


  3. Dunno what to say about this one Kenny, or who to feel most sorry for , the mouse or the snake, Shame all the same.
    It’s sort of like Siamese twins isn;t it, but a Siamese snake would be about right. I wonder if anyone would buy it, though I suppose if they’re going to fork out that much money, they’ll look after it.
    Hope you’re keeping well and looking after yourself.


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