When the £10 x/mas present  was launched by Ted Heath’s Tory government in 1972, the bonus payment was worth £98 in today’s money.

The £10 Christmas boost was then worth more than the £6.75 basic state pension. The basic pension is now £95.25 a week.

The bonus has declined in real terms ever since it was introduced .By the time Tony Blair and Gordon Brown came to power in 1997, it was worth £14 in today’s money.

Steve Webb, Lib Dem work and pensions spokesman, said: ”The measly Christmas bonus is a slap in the face for today’s pensioners. What was once a valuable additional benefit is now nothing more than a joke.

”When it was brought in, a pensioner could buy Christmas dinner and still have money left over. Today it wouldn’t even buy you the turkey.”

Merry Christmas !



9 responses to “Scrooge’s.

  1. Oooh, that turkey looks yummy, I’m looking forward to to-morrow, dinner at my daughter’s her partner is a smashing cook.
    I’d forgotten about that bonus, as you say £10 is hardly worth a light these days, but I get more cross about the winter fuel payment, , now I don’t wish to sound ungrateful, but why should two people in one house get twice the money, Surely it’s the house that gets heated and the cost is the same regardless of how many people are living there. ! moan over, Have a lovely Christmas Kenny, hugs from we 3 {{{0}}} Meant to say I love th music, one day I’ll suss out how to put music on my blog.


    • Hi Arlene. To be honest, I was unaware that two people should receive the winter fuel payment. Just another crazy idea made by crazy politicians. Putting music on your blog is simple But so is everything else, when one knows how. have a great 2012 Arlene.


  2. I always wondered what that £10 was that got paid in in December, but I like the winter fule payment espacially as we have a wood burner and use wood from the Wildwood, oue previously estimated gas bill was in credit this month
    Enjoy your turkey Kenny

    Love suki x


    • Well if you don’t need the winter fuel payment Suki, you know where to send it lol. btw. don’t like turkey. I had a leg of mince instead for x/mas dinner 🙂 be well my lovely friend and have a most prosperous New Year xx


  3. Thanks for calling by dear Kenny..
    wish you too a great time this season … xx~ranny


  4. Well since I am hungry now I shall go microwave a chicken chimichunga LOL. Love the recording of your kind voice and that Christmas tune.
    Did you know you turned me onto Christy Moore? I love his voice and soft gentle guitar. 😀
    warm feathery,
    Raven xox


  5. Ooops! Think I’ll go with the first plate 🙂


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