Freedom ?



There is no such thing as freedom;

There is no such thing as peace

we have all become prisoners within a world of prisons.



I want to brake free !!!

 Prisoner’s of Love by desire,
prisoner’s of money by greed.
What ever way you look at it, you are shackled.
 Ok you may think you are free
but in reality we are all living in a condembed cell.




 “OH-DEAR ME”…Just where in the Universe is my head today !   L.O.L.

10 responses to “Freedom ?

  1. The window was a trip at first, I wondered if it was some odd WP thing until I realized it was part of the blog. Very well done!
    Freedom feels to me a privalege that comes with a price. STill, I would not trade this life of mine, here and now for anything. I will pay the toll and continue this crazy dance .
    By the way I love this new photo of you, ‘Purify me’!!! You look great and handsome as ever 😉
    Raven xox


    • Hi Raven.
      The scroll bars are a code I used to use on the old W.L.S. Just tried it on here to see if it would work. Well it works, but not how I want it to.
      Everything comes with a price Raven. Freeloaders don’t last long and they always come to an ignominious end !
      Lovely to see you here again Raven
      take care my friend xx

      Hell she cat woman from heaven


  2. It dosent have to be this way we are what we make ourselves, man is NOT stronger than nature and and the earth will survive regenerate and nutralise the obnoxious effluent we have created! Do not ask for freedom, we are bound by the ties of others who need want and love us, to shed these shakles will alienate us from our loved ones. Freedom will come soon enough when we return to the earth to fire the regeneration

    Peace be with you Kenny and all your friends and readers, health and happiness to all in 2012

    Love Suki x


    • I am not asking for freedom Suki, I am demanding it. But I am denied true freedom. Because I can’t release myself from these shackles that the powers that be, have placed upon me. I guess the freedom I am searching for is unobtainable. As it states in the post ” There is no such thing as freedom ” But I shall rage against these bonds that tie me to the ground, until ” I am beneath the ground ”
      Be well Suki you lovely person you xx


  3. cool pic you have here 🙂 Are we maybe feeling a little boxed in and slightly trapped on some level? 😉 Like a kingly eagle stretching it’s kingly wings luxuriously preparing for flight…only to find clipped and crushed inside the box it suddenly becomes aware it’s caged inside?….
    I think that perhaps freedom IS available to us… as an offering unique and tailored to our individual needs…IF we throw off the shackles and constraints that continuously ground us…clipping our wings most violently… IF we can think outside the box long enough to find it, recognise and accept it, each in our own little worlds of individuality…certainly you have the freedom Kenny, to agree or disagree with these thoughts! Timid one 🙂


    • I guess if someone thinks they are free, then they are fooling themselves, or do not understand what true freedom is. But it depends on what level of freedom a person becomes content. As you say “tailored to our individual needs”. Some are quite happy to exist in their little boxes, secure and robot like. But I have always felt that there is more to life, than selling my time and sweat for a mere pittance. STRESSED out to the point of sickness and sadness and to live out a senseless existence.
      I want to rise from my slumber because I want to, NOT because I HAVE to. I think free and my spirit is free. Or is it ?


  4. We made an effort for Tigr’s children, but we had so many appointments with hospitals and nurses that there was very little time to do anything much for ourselves this year and we have had one of the best christmas I can remember. Peace, quiet and each other – Priceless!

    May 2012 treat you kindly old friend – and remember, when you manage to think ‘outside the box’ you’re only ever moving into a bigger box xxxx


    • Pleased you both enjoyed your x/mas so much.
      Mmmm…That is the problem these days, too many people walking around, out of their box. Present company accepted you understand!
      Be well my friend.


  5. I struggled to read your words at first Kenny, in the little window.. But I agree we have all become prisoners to Greed, Debt and material goods we dont need and yet get into debt to buy… We have long forgotten the values in Life.. We put possessions before People…
    Many thanks Kenny for that wonderful compliment you put upon my blog.. I wish you and Cherno a VERY GOOD HEALTHY New Year.. and The FREEDOM to go out and about together into Nature and enjoy the Freedom that is there for all of us.. That is until Man puts his stamp of ownership once again onto it..
    At least the Air is Free,.. LOL… so far……
    Happy New Year Kenny.. from a friend.. Sue~ Dreamwalker


    • Yes Sue, I should have made the window a little larger, but “hey” you managed 🙂

      I can imagine that one day,our atmosphere shall be so polluted with all manner of toxins. That he shall be forced to walk around with oxygen tanks strapped to his back. He shall have to tank up
      like we do our car’s in order to exist.
      The day they start charging for fresh air I shall stop breathing :0
      Be well ~Dreamwalker~


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