The eye of the storm !

I am sure you will be aware of just how viscous the wind has been of late. Over a 100 m.p.h. gales have been recorded in Scotland. Trees lay felled as if they were but match sticks. Lorries overturned on motorways, with a high count of structional devastation across the land.

For a while now I have been hoping to capture some dramatic pictures of monster waves battering the rocks somewhere on the coast. So checking the high tide times, I was disappointed to learn that high tide time for yesterday was 11-30. It was already afternoon ūüė¶ However a lady friend of mine (without benefits) called me. So, on impulse, we arranged to take a drive down to¬† South Gare Pier

at the entrance to the river Tees. it is a favourite place for people to do a spot of fishing.

As we drove toward Redcar the sun was shining, but looking over toward Hartlepool a huge dark threatening cloud could be seen, looking very ominous indeed. We arrived at our destination and decided to smoke a cigarette before venturing out into the cold and windy unknown. Within moments a few drops of rain hit the windscreen. Suddenly an Erie darkness fell and the heavens opened with vengeance . My friend and I were caught in the eye¬†of¬†a¬†storm. The screaming wind rocked the car from side to side, the rain drops were crashing onto the roof of the car , making a sound as if they were pebbles . My friend commented “that she thought it a little frightening but exciting”. ¬†I smiled !

Soon a small patch of clear blue appeared in the sky, the rain eased and the wind abated to a degree. The storm had passed.

We left the car and walked toward the Gare. On the way an Oyster catcher  Past by, they fly so fast I was lucky to capture this shot of him/her.


¬†Mmmmm…¬† no mountainous waves battering the rocks,no spray shooting high into the sky ūüė¶¬† We walked passed the spot where two fishermen had been washed into the sea last year. The faded and dead wreaths were still pinned to the wall where one of the unfortunate men had lost his life.¬† I decided not to take an image of the wreaths.


We walked to the very end of the Gare, not one fisherman in sight. This was understandable considering the freezing cold wind that whipped across the pier. We were on the south side  and so were sheltered from the worst of the wind. But as I walked to round the point to face north, the wind stopped me in my tracks and pushed me backwards a few paces. It was obvious that it would have been impossible to have stood there a few hours earlier, when the tide was high. Conditions would have been far more dangerous then.

  Freezing cold and shivering I took a few quick shots and my friend and I headed back to the warmth and comfort of the car. I had already noticed another ominous black cloud approaching.

No sooner had we lit another cigarette,  the heavens opened again. It appeared to both of us that the weather had kindly provided us with a window of opportunity to take a quick walk round the point. Hopefully one day I shall capture some dramatic pictures of the raging sea .   The picture below is one I took as I was sailing out in search of the Cod with Terry some time ago. It was a lovely dawn.

I would like take this opportunity to acknowledge the kindness shown by my friend, without whom I would not have been able to produce this post. 

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Thank you “my friend”¬†


12 responses to “The eye of the storm !

  1. Great photos and a great read too

    NJ xxx


  2. A lovely “window of opportunity”. So nice to see the pictures. Now, could you be more specific about what you mean by a friend “without benefits”?


  3. HoooOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLllllllLLLLLLL!!! would seem to be an appropriate comment for this post of hoped-for howling gales and giant crashing waves! lol ūüėČ This taste for the wild and vivacious storm weather lol will see you turning into one of those tornado chasers to satisfy your appetite for nature’s wildside and your taste for thrilling adventures in the eye of the storm ūüôā You’re looking great so it must be agreeing with you…so go for it! Roam wildly and wolfishly into nature’s stormy embrace!! Timid one ūüėČ


    • Yes Timid one I am quite partial to the “wild side” of life. The plain and mundane bore me so. We all need a little excitement. But chasing tornadoes is a little out of my league. They have a tendency to change direction and start chasing the chaser. The stalker becomes the stalked .


  4. It is so beautiful out there, I envy you living so near to the sea. I did not know of the severe winds in Scotland…I must look at International Weather more often. You look well my friend:D
    Stay warm.


  5. What a wonderful adventure Kenny, it beats my little effort, the only thing in common was that I also saw the very dark ominous cloud when it was right overhead, and it was too late to do anything about it.


    • Well let us say a mini adventure Arlene. It seems to me that dark cloud has been hanging over me for the passed year. But now it has passed and I am ready for a real adventure.
      Be well Arlene.


  6. Hi Kenny, What excellent photos and interesting post my friend.. Yes the Wind has done some damage around the country.. How strange that you should post about the eye of the storm.. Here in the midlands yesterday the sky grew dark with black cloud that was edged with a tinge of red as if reflected from the Sun.. one half of the sky was perfectly blue while this cloud swept across bringing heavy rain and gusts of high wind.. even though I know we live miles apart… .. The weather has been gaining my attention of late.. As ive been paying particular attention to the chemtrails in the sky.. google if you havent heard of them.. our skies are full of them, and they are not planes on route on regular flight paths.. Ive even witnessed one U turn in the sky.. to start the next trail back and forth… Weather is not always under Natures Control.. …..
    Happy New Year Kenny.. glad you got out and about with your friend xx


    • Re: Chemtrails, I do not subscribe to the conspiricy theory.
      Come on Sue, get real. Man can not control the weather no more than he can control the oceans. Naturaly I back you up to the hilt for your right to believe, that something is going on. But for me they are just another of Natures mysteries. One day they shall be proven to be purely Natural. I am sure.
      Take care ~Dreamwalker~
      Mmmmm…Where is the wind when it isn’t blowing !!!


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