A Sunday love song !


When I first saw this film I was instantly taken back to 1972. I had met my second wife in Brighton. She was studying English at an international language centre. Lotta was Swedish and to cut a long story short, we ended up sailing together to Sweden.

Half way through the journey, we walked to the point of the bow. Just like in the film, with arm’s outstretched as if we were flying,  we both stood there for a minuet or two with the wind in our faces. Suddenly we were almost deafened by the sound of the ships horn. Just one titanic blast.  We both skipped back to a safer area of the ship, laughing, happy and so very much in love.  “Ahhhh… such memories shine like jewels. 



12 responses to “A Sunday love song !

  1. hallo liebster fremder freund ich liebe deine musik sie ist b so ruhieg und zum nachdencken ich sehre du liebst die natur und tiehreich kann die musik den ganzen tag hoehren ich dencke auch das du ein romantiker bist freue mich immer wenn du meine seite besuchst bey bey mein sentimentaler freund big hug von jasmin

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  2. Very positive Kenny to remember the good things very often when a romance is over one can only look back to our mistakes instead of enjoying the good memories

    Take care of yourself drink more tea and smoke less xxx

    Suki x

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  3. That was lovely….Nothing that good ever happened to me :-((

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  4. Good memories last forever… have a great weekend… hugs


  5. I agree what a wonderful romantic memory… Those fleeting moments time capsules we find to open now and then.
    That Celine Dion song is such a wonderful one, the film is now a classic I sure. My G-dau has it as a ring tone… and she is always saying “Jack, come back, Jack come back” LOL
    “In time”, I say “my dear your Jack shall jump out of the box” LOL
    Warm feathery,
    Raven of Leyla xox


  6. What a wonderfully romantic memory! And sailing to Sweden together too!Great video, I love that song and I’ve always liked Celine Dion’s music…I confess I do shy away from watching the film having somthing of a dread of such watery horrors as they endured but the music is amazing and it is powerful as is the devotion of true love and romance 🙂 Sail on Kenny! Sail on! Timid one 🙂


    • Yes Timid one, and such a long time ago. Where did the last 30 od years of my life disappear to !
      I recall my old grandfather telling me, “have fun lad” because it don’t last long. How right he was.


  7. Awww.. what a beautiful Memory Kenny, and your heart will go on, and those we love will forever stay safely held within them.. Held tight with within our emoltions as we replay those moments we shared together in Life..
    These are indeed the jewels we carry around as treasure to keep us going on..
    Blessings this Sunday Kenny x

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