Half a century past.



While rumaging through cubords and draws searching for something , very much part of my present. I stumbled upon something very much part of my distant passed. How it found itself ther carefully placed down the side of a box of documents, I shall never know. Squirreled away possibly by me when I was a drinker. (3 years alcohol free in May “YEA” ) I was 13 years old when this pic was taken.My Dogs name was “Baron Von Norge” I have never forgotten him and never shall. I loved him and his passing effected me for a very long time. Dogs can cast very long shadows. Even at the tender age of 13 I possed a very powerfull love of Dogs.

One evening I was alone in the house, when I heard someone walking by. Then I heard the door handle being turned, I knew the door was locked. But this did not stop my hackles rising nor Barons. I rose and walked toward the door and opened it. Baron dashed passed me and began barking like mad at something or someone. When I looked, to my right, Baron had a policeman pinned to the wall. Hands in the air and with a look of shock on his face. (I shall never forget that picture lol )
I don’t recall what words were spoken, but I guess the policeman never tried my door again πŸ™‚ I was so proud of Baron. To this day I do not understand why a policeman should try the door handle of “my” house. One would often see the police trying the doors of shops etc. But never of domestic dwellings.

Just about where I am stood in the picture now excists a Starbucks !!!. “OH” how times change and how swiftly.


Below is a pic of a murial I painted ages ago. Some may have seen it before on W.L.S.

Just a thought..!!!


Is just around the corner. “YES”



9 responses to “Half a century past.

  1. Like the photos…handsome group πŸ˜€
    I know what you mean about dogs, you never forget them at all. I was given my first at 6 mos she lived until I was 16, have had a total of 12 dogs counting my current Kadybugs a Heeler/Border Collie mix the best dog I have had.
    Beautiful mural…you are very talented my friend xox


  2. Love the photo – I can’t say who is cuter – you (looks just like you!), your friend, or Baron. The mural is also amazing, although I can’t see it well. Is that a rocket blasting out of Mother Earth? I’d like to be able to see it better. Best – Monica


  3. you could begin abstinence from the weed on “Ash” Wednesday meantime hope you are well – today it is pouring down just 24 hours after ‘they’ forecast a drought in this area!


  4. Hey Kenny! Am I seeing right lol…that was a BOXER in that photo?!! How interesting…I never connected you with one of that breed πŸ™‚ Learn somethng new every day, and what a lovely dog. Love that little tale of Baron and the policeman πŸ˜‰ Just exactly how cops should be handled lol! I don’t recall the mural but you’re very talented…a man of the “brush” as well! I did try to comment on this from my mobile earlier today but it wouldn’t let me…what have you been doing to the airwaves Kenny?!! All that running faster than the wind seems to have upset them!! Lovely to see you back here btw πŸ™‚
    Timid one πŸ™‚


  5. Lovely Post Kenny, and great to find that old photo.. Amazing when we look back at old photo’s of ourselves.. I always wanted a Boxer Dog as a child, but my Dad was didnt like Dogs I think he was a bit affraid of them as a child himself and he grew up with cats and so did we..
    I think we never forget those animals we have loved and they never forget us Kenny.. Good to know He was protecting you …
    I hope you and Cherno are well… Spring is getting closer.. Went for a walk today and the Sun felt good with the breeze on my face..
    Loved your Art work too Kenny and no I hadnt seen that one you have some hidden talent my friend πŸ™‚
    Take care and Well done you 3 yrs! πŸ˜€


  6. And I can see the likeness in the picture. Congratulations on the 3 years of being alcohol free…well done!
    Animals have played a big role in my life too.
    Enjoy your day, your week and your life.


  7. A very pleasent walk down memory lane Kenny. And the dog what a beauty! A very tender age to loose a loved one. I love the painting I don’t remember seeing it before but I do remember the ‘Cat Woman’ another very impressive work of art.

    suki x


    • Hello Suki. Must say I was impressed with those photographs you took of the flowers, most excellent me thinks.
      Hope you had a great day on the 14th. ERRRR The cat woman mmmmm I think you mean the ink drawing of the “Dog woman” lol never mind Suki my dear friend it happens to the best of us eventually lol
      Take care you lovely person. x


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